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Kit Cooper

Kit has spent the last 15 years of his career working with private equity sponsors to build great companies, both as a founder & CEO and as an executive search professional. Kit brings an operator's perspective to search, helping the delivery team calibrate quickly and empathize with the needs of CEO and financial sponsor clients. Prior to his executive search career Kit started, led and sold two business services companies. Hispanic Teleservices Corp (HTC) was the leading Latin America-based customer support provider that Kit and his partners grew to 3,000 employees and sold to Carlyle Group. In this process, Kit reinvested in the new co and within a year collaboratively transitioned himself out of the day-to-day running of the business. Granada Corp. was a leading work-from-home customer support business that was acquired by Itel BPO. Three years prior to the company sale, while holding a controlling stake, Kit initiated a CEO search to find an operator to run the business to allow him to move into a non-executive chairman role. The transition allowed the executive team and board to work with greater leverage, resulting in significant equity valuation growth.

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