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Welcome to Axial’s Business Owner Resource Center, the trusted hub to help owners navigate their Exit Journey. We’ve brought together resources and expert guidance to help you stay well-informed on your path to a successful exit.

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Axial combines authoritative exit preparation content with the largest network of pre-vetted M&A advisors to help secure the best terms for your business exit. Leveraging 14+ years of unparalleled insights, our exit consulting team turns your sale objectives into reality by introducing you to the perfect M&A advisor, and guiding you to the right resources at every step of the journey.

Curated Resources For Business Owners

Select your current stage in the M&A journey to access corresponding content and tools that other business owners have found most helpful.

Understanding the Basics of M&A

Gain a comprehensive understanding of M&A fundamentals.

Guide To Selling A Business

In this ebook, you’ll learn: How to build an effective team to support the sale. How to define exit options. How to determine a valuation range for your company.

Using EBITDA For Small Business Valuation

Selling a business can be a difficult decision for entrepreneurs to make, both on an emotional and financial level. There are a number of factors that come into play when determining an appropriate asking price, including competitive advantages, growth opportunities, and historic financial performance

12 Things Not To Do In M&A

For most business owners, exiting their business is a once-in-a-lifetime event. It’s also an inherently complex process. Though every transaction is different, there are several common mistakes that owners can, and certainly should, avoid. We compiled advice from investment bankers, investors, and business owners who have navigated through various transactions. 

Preparing For a Transaction

Preparing your business and team for a successful exit.

The Exit Preparation Guide

When we surveyed Axial’s Investment Banking membership on the topic of exit preparation, we asked a wide range of questions with the hope of distilling the best tips and guides for exit-curious business owners. We then put together a five-part article series with the results and insights gained from those survey responses.

The Seller's Guide To Building A Deal Team

In this ebook, you’ll learn how to build a deal team with both external and internal resources: What roles should your C-suite play in the deal process?

Axial's Buyer Demand Calculator

Use the form below to submit the basic information about your business. We will then run those details through the algorithm to determine how many buyside firms on Axial have projects that would be a match for your business. Firm type and HQ location are also provided.

Hiring an M&A Advisory Firm

Finding, vetting, and selecting an M&A advisory firm.

How To Find The Right M&A Advisor

Finding the right buyer for your business is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. And finding the right M&A advisor will determine whether you find the right buyer. If you make a mistake, the downside is serious. An advisor with inadequate experience can derail a deal with bad advice or poor judgment. There are 3,000+ sell-side intermediaries on Axial. Reports online state that there are anywhere between 5,000 and 10,000 M&A intermediaries across the US.

Questions To Ask Before Hiring An M&A Advisor

Choosing a qualified M&A advisor with relevant transaction experience to represent the company is arguably the most important decision a business owner will make to ensure a successful sale. Even well-meaning advisors and investment bankers can derail a deal with bad advice, poor judgment, or a misrepresentation of their skill sets.

M&A Fee Guide 2023-2024

For the third year running, Axial partnered with Firmex and Divestopedia on the annual M&A Fee Guide, the authoritative source on M&A fees for sell-side engagements in the middle market. Using data gathered from a survey of mid-market dealmakers—including more than 200 Axial members—the guide highlights key points of interest on M&A fees across geographies and deal sizes. 

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Explore Masters in Small Business M&A

Learn exit preparation best practices from former business owners.

Episode Spotlight

Bob Falahee
Former CEO, SunPro Motorized Awnings & Screens

In this episode, we interview Bob Falahee, the recently exited founder of SunPro Motorized Awnings & Screens. He discusses the detailed process and considerations behind his business exit, emphasizing the importance of strategic succession planning, M&A preparation, and hiring the right M&A advisor.

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