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Business Owners

How to Find the Right M&A Advisor


Source: Axial Platform Data

Finding the right buyer for your business is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. 

And finding the right M&A advisor will determine whether you find the right buyer. 

If you make a mistake, the downside is serious. An advisor with inadequate experience can derail a deal with bad advice or poor judgment.

There are 3,000+ sell-side intermediaries on Axial. Reports online state that there are anywhere between 5,000 and 10,000 M&A intermediaries across the US. 

Despite the wide array of options, most owners don’t run a comprehensive search to find the right advisor. 


  1. They don’t have the time
  2. They think every advisor is more or less the same
  3. The thought of running a competitive process never crossed their mind
  4. There are few resources available in the market to help owners research M&A advisors

Owners may have personal relationships with one or two advisors. They may receive introductions to a handful of advisors from their accountant, lawyer, or fellow business owner. They may search online and find a few good fits. But exhausting these avenues is time intensive, and still risks the chance of missing out on a relevant advisor. 

About Axial’s Advisor Finder program

Axial’s Advisor Finder program provides curated introductions of relevant M&A advisors to business owners exploring a sale. There are thousands of advisors that actively market their engagements on the Axial platform, which allows business owners to get as close as possible to running a comprehensive search. Beyond comprehensiveness, they are able to do so efficiently and with minimal time commitment.

5 reasons why Business Owners choose Axial’s Advisor Finder program:

Below are a few recent businesses that have hired an advisor through the program:

CEO at a Consulting & IT Services Business Hires an Investment Bank

Revenue: $15M – $20M  |  EBITDA: $2M – $3M

CFO at a Transportation & Logistics Business Hires an Investment Bank

Revenue: $250M – $300M  |  EBITDA: $20M – $25M

Owner of a Medical Practice Hires a Specialist Business Broker

Revenue: $2M – $3M  |  EBITDA: $500K – $1M

For business owners, negotiating fair success fees and engagement terms is important. But even more important is the quality and integrity of the M&A advisor they choose to hire. 

We recommend that all business owners solicit proposals from several M&A advisors – either through Axial’s Advisor Finder Program or on their own. Compare fees, engagement terms, experience and chemistry. 

We’re here to help. Reach out to us here or learn more about our Advisor Finder service here.

Check out the eBook below for an in-depth overview of hiring an M&A Advisor.

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