Axial Code of Conduct


Axial Member Code Of Conduct

Axial is a trusted online platform that digitally and confidentially connects qualified capital partners, business owners, and M&A advisors to explore and execute corporate financial transactions. In furtherance of the platform’s objectives and for the benefit of each of its members, Axial has established a Member Code of Conduct. Axial reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to enforce the Code of Conduct.  Below we detail a subset of activities and behaviors that the Axial platform rewards and supports:

  • Members who consistently respond quickly to one another
  • Members who respond professionally to one another
  • Members who consistently engage diligently and in good faith with one another
  • Members who provide detailed, accurate and up-to-date information on transactions, including multiple years of financial history and credible forward projections
  • Members who provide specific fact-based information supporting their various transaction criteria, ideally derived from historical operating or transaction experience, or thoughtfully developed perspectives
  • Members who continuously aspire to cultivate the expertise, resources, and resolve to close lower middle market financial transactions

Activities that can get you banned or suspended from the platform, and that will result in other members reporting or rating you negatively:

  • Inappropriately mischaracterizing or providing false company, financial, or personal information
  • Lying about or inappropriately mischaracterizing your relationship to a transaction, a management team, or related
  • Publishing mis-categorized deals in order to obtain unwarranted reach or attention
  • Sharing a deal with a counterparty without the proper authority or permission to do so
  • Neglecting to adhere to any aspect of Axial’s Terms of Service
  • Circumventing or avoiding your success fee obligations owed to Axial, either accidentally or intentionally
  • Any kind of fraudulent activity
  • Abusive behavior of other members, including but not limited to racist or sexist behavior
  • Overly-aggressive sales behavior that leads to repeated member complaints
  • Harassing, abusing, or sending other un-welcomed communications to people (e.g., junk mail, spam, chain letters, phishing schemes)
  • Unprofessional marketing strategies (e.g., writing in all-caps, using hyperbole in your deal descriptions, extraneous use of exclamation points)
  • Soliciting Axial members to share subsequent opportunities with you directly or to add you to distribution lists. Axial does not tolerate this use of the platform. Offending members will receive one warning before they are suspended.

The Axial platform currently supports the following types of transactions and transaction-related member interactions:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Equity financings
  • Debt financings
  • Co-investments / Syndication

Types of deals and interactions Axial does not currently support:

  • Private equity “blind pool” fundraising, or equivalent
  • Fundraising for startups with no operating history
  • Single location retail business for sale transactions
  • Asset sales outside of an M&A context (i.e. art, undeveloped land, minerals, commodities)

Violations of the Axial Code of Conduct can be anonymously submitted to Axial via the platform for review by Axial’s Business Operations team.  

Violations may result in you and/or your entire organization receiving a warning or being permanently banned from the Axial platform.