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Axial provides curated recommendations of capital partners for your business, or M&A advisors to represent you in a transaction. Research by deal criteria, transaction experience, and reputation, then confidentially reach out with complete control and discretion when the timing is right.

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3 Reasons to Join Axial

Unrivaled Coverage of the Lower Middle Market Buyers & Capital Providers

Over 2,000 financial investors and corporate acquirers target lower middle market investments on Axial every year.

  1. 250+ Family Offices
  2. 500+ Private Equity Firms
  3. 850+ Acquisitive Portfolio Companies
  4. 400+ Independent Sponsors & HNWIs
  5. 100+ Lenders and Private Credit Investors

The buy-side member base ranges from brand name private equity firms and corporations that are difficult to penetrate, to family offices and boutique investors that can’t be found in directories or databases.

Sophisticated Deal Marketing & Tracking Tools

With Axial, you get: 

  1. A powerful deal marketing system built around privacy, customization, control, and seller confidentiality.
  2. Deal management tools that expedite NDA execution and other core deal process workflows.
  3. Unique data sets to help you understand the deal criteria, transaction experience, responsiveness, and reputation of any counter party you might engage on the Axial platform.

Axial’s platform reflects how lower middle market transactions get done — privately and confidentially. Unlike public deal listing sites, Axial members looking to sell or raise capital retain total control and confidentiality over whom, how, and when they approach buy-side targets.

Confidentially Connect With Vetted M&A Advisors

Choosing the right M&A Advisor should not be left up to chance. Axial’s Advisor Finder program was created to arm business owners and executives with the information needed to make confident advisor hiring decisions.

  • The process begins with a brief survey and consultation with a member of the Axial team to better understand your transaction priorities and goals.
  • We use that information to create a short list of advisor candidates who best fit the needs of your business, from a pool of thousands of qualified candidates.
  • Your identity and information will remain 100% private and confidential at all times.

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Case Studies

Dane Manufacturing Secures Financing to Hit Their Goal of 3X Revenue in 3 years.

  • Transaction Type Acquisition Financing
  • Industry Heating & Cooling
  • Location Troy, MI

In 2015, Dane Manufacturing CEO and president Troy Berg and COO Mike Lisle set the audacious goal of growing the company 3x in 3 years — from $10 to $30 million. By 2016, it was clear that Dane would need some serious inorganic growth to reach their goal.

Dane decided to join Axial in August 2016. In March 2017, Mike was contacted by an advisor representing Dantherm Cooling, a division of Dantherm A/S, a publicly traded Danish company originally formed in Spartanburg, SC in 1998. They fell in love with the opportunity, and soon realized that if they could close Dantherm, they’d get to ring the bell at 3X.

“It was more challenging to find the right deal financing than it had been the right target.” In May 2018, Mike, ran a search on Axial and found Crestmark Bank, an asset-based lender with a strong presence in Chicago, just a few hours away from Dane’s headquarters. Within two weeks, Dane had closed with Crestmark. “It was lightning speed for a $3 million line of credit facility. You had a motivated team in Dane Manufacturing and a motivated bank in Crestmark, and Axial brought us together.”

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