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Top Articles of 2016 (Part 2)

Meghan Daniels Axial | December 28, 2016

Yesterday, we shared the most popular Forum articles from January – June 2016. Here are the most popular pieces from the second half of the year.


Deal Sourcing — It’s Not So Binary

In the “dark web” of the lower middle market, a long-term view is crucial when it comes to sourcing deals.


Secrets of a Successful Capital Raise

On the heels of Axial’s Series C financing round, we talked to CEO Peter Lehrman about the right time to raise money, how to balance humility and hype, crucial investor questions to prepare for, and more.


20 M&A Mistakes to Avoid

Whether you’re exiting, recapitalizing, going public, or making an acquisition, it can be hard to balance the transaction with day-to-day operations, get the support you need, and be confident you’re making the right choices. We talked to 10 professional CEO coaches on the biggest mistakes they see from their clients.


Capital Markets Crash Course [Infographic]

Get the basics on raising capital, selling your business, or making an acquisition in this infographic.


Investment Bankers Add Value for 100% of Sellers, CEO Study Finds

According to a recent study by Fairfield University, 100% of owners who recently sold their business said that investment bankers added value to the M&A process. Sixty-nine percent that the value added by bankers was “significant.”


3 Deal Sourcing Metrics Every Private Equity Firm Should Track

When it comes to tracking deal metrics, many private equity firms invest the majority of their time and energy into the bottom of the funnel. It’s natural to think about done deals. But the top of the funnel is where it all starts — you can never do a great deal if you don’t see it to begin with.

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