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What Are Investment Banks Searching For?


What better way to learn about investment bankers’ priorities and interests than their search history?

We took a look at bankers’ top search queries on Axial over the past six months. What we found reflects interesting trends about sub-sectors and geographical regions on the mind of today’s deal professionals.

Unsurprisingly, investor-related terms made up several of the top 10 searches. “Family office” claimed the number one spot, perhaps a reflection of the increase in family offices acting as direct investors and/or the growing number of CEOs looking for stakeholders with longer investment horizons and other characteristics.

“Healthcare” landed the number two spot. As we’ve written before, the industry is seeing increasing consolidation thanks to evolving regulations and other factors.

  1. Family office
  2. Healthcare
  3. Financial services investors
  4. Wireless Telecommunications Services
  5. Trucking
  6. Construction
  7. Private Equity Firm
  8. Growth Equity Investors
  9. Movies & Entertainment
  10. Food

California, New York, and Texas took the cake when it came to location searches.

  1. Building Products
  2. New York, NY
  3. Technology
  4. Aviation
  5. Technology
  6. California
  7. Agriculture
  8. Texas
  9. Automotive
  10. Early stage investors

Despite a lackluster Q1, manufacturing was still on bankers’ mind. Home healthcare, too, occupied attention, as an aging population and a shifting approach to population management in the healthcare industry encourages providers to move patients from more costly hospital settings.

Other interesting niches including packaged foods & meats and HVAC services.

  1. Home care
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Asset-based
  4. Electrical contractors
  5. SaaS
  6. Packaged Foods & Meats
  7. Real Estate
  8. Railroad
  9. Boutique investment bank
  10. HVAC

As the SEC adopts new rules for crowdfunding, searches for “individual accredited investors” also made the top 50 list.

  1. Private placement firms
  2. Illinois
  3. Broker dealers
  4. Individual accredited investors
  5. Behavioral health
  6. Software
  7. Restaurant
  8. Medical device
  9. Staffing
  10. Hotel

Finally, niche searches like injection molding, dental services, and real estate development rounded out the list.

  1. Dental
  2. Ecommerce
  3. Injection molding
  4. Boston, MA
  5. Houston, TX
  6. Aerospace & Defense
  7. Real Estate Development
  8. Equity
  9. Funding
  10. Military Training

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