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3 Must Reads for Business Owners Preparing to Sell


Whether you’re looking to sell your business in three years or six months, it is critical to surround yourself with a team of experts.

And the most impactful expert to focus on is your M&A advisor.

Hiring the right M&A advisor can make or break a transaction process. In fact, we recommend finding an M&A advisor that you trust as early as possible, years before you think you need it. 

There are unexpected and costly hurdles during the selling process. Without a good M&A advisor, owners inevitably make unforeseen errors and stumble. These errors reduce their anticipated valuation. Or, even worse, derail the process. 

For this reason, hiring an M&A advisor is a cost-effective investment. You save time and money, while maximizing the likelihood of finding the right buyer within your desired time frame.

But finding the perfect advisor is not easy. It is a process and decision that owners should take seriously. 

That is why we’ve put together 3 white papers tailored to business owners initiating an exit journey:

The Complete Guide To Selling A Business

The Complete Guide To Hiring An Advisor

The Complete Guide to M&A Advisory Fees

For business owners, negotiating fair success fees and engagement terms is important. But even more important is the quality and integrity of the M&A advisor they choose to hire. 

We recommend that all business owners solicit proposals from several M&A advisors. Compare fees, engagement terms, experience and chemistry. 

We’re also here to help. Reach out to us here or learn more about our Advisor Finder service here.

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