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The Top 50 Lower Middle Market Healthcare Investors & M&A Advisors [2023]


Axial is excited to release its 2023 publication of the Top 50 Lower Middle Market Healthcare Investors & M&A Advisors. This list features the top 50 buy- and sell-side Axial members that specialize in healthcare deals and have remained resilient and productive in the industry over the past 12 months (see the methodology below for our criteria).

This publication wraps up the 2023 Industry Top 50 series. To see what firms were featured in each industry report, select the badges below.


Our Top 50 healthcare list was generated based on a weighted formula leveraging four key metrics:

  • The number of healthcare deals brought to market via Axial (sell-side)
  • The level of interest those deals generated from Axial’s buy-side member base
  • The number of specific healthcare-focused investment mandates created in the platform (buy-side)
  • The number of healthcare deals that progressed through the deal funnel achieving a signed NDA, shared CIM, received IOI, received LOI, executed LOI or successfully consummated transaction (buy-side & sell-side).

Congratulations to these members for their achievements!

The SMB M&A Pipeline

The below snapshot of healthcare deal activity was pulled from the latest issue of The SMB M&A Pipeline. This quarterly publication from Axial surfaces a top-of-the-funnel breakdown of the deal activity occurring on Axial’s platform. The aggregated metrics include quarterly deal volumes, financial and geographic characteristics, and pursuit rates, sorted by quarter and also by industry category.

To review the full report – click here.

The Axial Healthcare Top 50

Buy-Side Sell-Side
 Abacus Investments ACT Capital Advisors
CM Counsel Management American HealthCare Capital
Community Based Care ASA Ventures Group
Excellere Partners Auctus Capital Partners
Fulcrum Equity Partners Berkery Noyes Investment Bankers
Healy Capital Partners Bridgepoint Investment Banking
Honor Health Network Cascade Partners LLC
Kepler Capital Corporation Cross Keys Capital
Latticework Capital Lawrence, Evans & Co.
Lighthouse Equity Partners Logan Growth Advisors
MBF Healthcare Partners M&A Healthcare Advisors
Metamora Growth Partners Mauch Business Solutions
Orange Dot Ventures Merritt Healthcare Advisors
Pharmex Direct Inc. Mertz Taggart
Pillar49 Capital Paragon Ventures LLC
Regimen Holdings Pickwick Capital Partners
Search Investment Group Pinnacle Pharmacy Group
SL Group Polaris Healthcare Partners
StoneCalibre, LLC Sagewood Advisors
Taurus Capital Partners The Bloom Organization
Ten:34 Partners TUSK Partners
Tillery Capital VelocityHealth Capital Inc.
Traverse Pointe Partners Vertess Healthcare Advisors
United Pain Clinics Westbury Group
Westfall Private Capital, LLC Woodbridge International

– 1 closed deal on Axial |  2 or more closed deals on Axial

The Axial Passport

In the world of M&A, reputation and credibility are paramount, which is why Axial released the Axial Passport this year. 

The purpose of the Passport is to allow any member of the M&A ecosystem to efficiently gauge the experience and credibility of potential transaction counterparts.

Above, we’ve featured four passports for Healthcare Top 50 members. As you can see, the Passport provides a snapshot of a member’s M&A credentials and key performance metrics. It attaches to every member profile and updates daily.

To learn more about the Axial Passport and the metrics featured, see here.

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