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Axial Forum’s Top 10 Member Publishers of 2015


Every week, Axial Forum publishes expert contributions from Axial members, on everything from market trends to exit planning to business fundamentals and more.

Now, as we approach the New Year, we’re featuring those members with the most popular articles of 2015.

Want to be on this list for 2016? If you’re an Axial member, email [email protected] for more information on contributing to Forum. Not yet a part of the network? Request membership today.

gary_ampulski1) Gary Ampulski

Managing Partner, Midwest Genesis

Popular Post: There’s a Perfect Storm Approaching for Exiting Business Owners

Gary, a seasoned operating executive and current managing partner of Midwest Genesis, wrote numerous Axial Forum articles about exit planning, acquisitions, and how business owners should read the market signs before selling their business. His most popular post detailed the predicted “age wave” of baby boomer sellers.


brentbeshore2) Brent Beshore

Founder and CEO,

Popular Post: 10 Ways to Appear More Important in Private Equity

Apparently, deal professionals just want to have fun. Brent — the founder and CEO of Midwest-based private equity firm — appealed to readers’ more lighthearted sides with his sardonic post on making a name for yourself in PE. Among his tips? “Take at least a full week to respond to email” and “be old at heart.”


joeburkhart3) Joe Burkhart

Managing Director of Business Development, Saratoga Investment Corp.

Popular Post: 4 Software Tools Deal Professionals Should Use Daily

Joe hit on a common pain point for Forum readers with his post on the most effective software tools for dealmakers. Check on the post for tips on how technology can help you organize your investment process and even increase deal flow.


amikassar4) Ami Kassar

Founder & CEO, Multifunding

Popular Post: Equity vs. Debt: Which Is Better for Your Business?

As CEO of Multifunding, Ami helps business owners find the best type of funding for their business. In his Forum posts, he details what owners should think about when they seek funding — and in particular, when debt might be a better option to achieve their goals.


Photos72emailflynnsinglecolor15) Robert Flynn

Managing Member, United Brokers Group LLC

Popular Post: Where Are All the Baby Boomer Sellers?

In his recent post, Bob lays out the common hypothesis around the baby boomer selling boom — then delves into potential reasons why business listings are actually down in many states. If you’re confused about why the exit planning industry’s predictions didn’t hit the mark, check out this piece.


richardwilson6) Richard Wilson

Founder, The Family Offices Group

Popular Post: 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Making Direct Investments

Richard, the author of numerous books, provides advice for family offices and those making direct investments. Some of his most popular books detail whatnot to do when making direct investments and provide tips for family offices reviewing potential investments.


borkowski_2507) Mark Borkowski

President, Mercantile Mergers & Acquisitions Corporation

Popular Post: When the Bank Says No: 9 Alternative Sources of Financing

Mark, the president of Toronto-based Mercantile M&A, provides a quick primer for business owners looking to get creative with their financing. Check out his post for nine alternative ways to fund your business if you’re turned down for a bank loan.


frue8) John Fruehwirth

Managing Partner, Rotunda Capital Partners

Popular Post: The Growing Prominence of Independent Sponsors

John writes about a trend that was ubiquitous in 2015 and expected to continue for years to come: independent sponsors. His primer on the history of sponsors and how they fit into the current PE landscape is a must-read for anyone in the industry.


slater_square9) John Slater

Partner and Capital Financing Team Leader, FOCUS Investment Banking

Popular Post: Valuation Inflation: Middle Market Multiples on the Rise

John has 31 years of M&A experience, and puts his first-hand knowledge to good use in his Forum posts. His most popular article for the year breaks down today’s sky-high valuations in the context of past, current, and future economic trends.


ed_marsh10) Ed Marsh

Principal, Consilium Global Business Advisors

Popular Post: Why Revenue Growth Is the CEO’s Job

In this post, Ed offers an argument about the CEO’s most important strategic role. The CEO, writes Ed, must actively manage revenue growth: “it’s no longer a responsibility which the CEO can delegate and supervisor.”

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