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These CEOs Can Teach You Something About Growth Strategy


Axial recently profiled 100 of the most innovative, interesting CEOs in the mid-market. (See all 100 here).

We singled out a few for their laser focus on growth strategy.

Ami Kassar, CEO of Multifunding

“When we started [MultiFunding] we rented an office in the office of a CPA. We started knocking on doors looking for deals,” says Ami. “In the first year, we closed three loans. It was a lot of banging our heads against walls as we started to build our reputation and relationships with lenders.”

Six years later, MultiFunding is still a good old fashioned loan broker, but they are now closing 170 transactions a year.

Read on for:

  • Tips on being a “tortoise entrepreneur”
  • Inspiration to dive into content marketing
  • The case against the unicorn

Jon Morris, CEO of Rise Interactive

For six years running (2010 – 2015), Rise has been named to Inc.’s list of the 5000 fastest growing companies. Jon credits Rise’s growth to both their data-driven approach and a “razor-sharp focus on client performance.” The company has consistently reinvested profits back into the business, maintaining a strong emphasis on innovation and infrastructure. “We’ve done a great job growing the company organically,” says Jon.

Read on for:

  • The story of a quick pivot
  • A perspective on organic vs. inorganic growth
  • Jon’s take on the importance of cultural fit

Dr. Alex Gianni, CEO of Blackford Dental Management

Alex was first brought on to the three-year old dental services organization (DSO) in the fall of 2014 in a consulting capacity to help patch the holes that were losing the company over half a million dollars a month. By January 2015 Blackford was break-even, and by March they were making money for the first time.

Read on for:

  • Blackford’s inspiring turnaround tale
  • Tips for unifying a fragmented culture
  • A unique medical practice model

Redickaa Subrammanian, CEO of Interakt

But the path to growth wasn’t always straightforward. In 2007, Redickaa thought she had acheived her dream when one of advertising’s biggest brands offered to buy the company. Interakt almost went through with the deal, until Redickaa met with the founder and got a bad feeling.

Read on for:

  • How to say no to the offer of your dreams
  • The case for taking your company international
  • How to deal with out-of-sync hires

David Rice, CEO of New Home Star

The only bump in the road came about two years after starting the company. “Pretty soon, I burnt through a lot of [the money],” says David. “I got to the point where for the first time in my adult life, I had to borrow money from my dad. That was a low point.” Banks weren’t lending to anyone at the time, and David had burned through nearly all his personal assets. “We were growing, and that growth exceeded the cash.” David managed to pay back the $100,000 loan in less than a year.

Read on for:

  • What you need to build something big
  • How to stay true to your business’ roots
  • The one thing you should be maniacal about

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