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The 25 Most Active Holding Companies on Axial


As we’ve discussed in recent buyside ranking lists, the prominence of non-traditional investment firms in the lower middle market is on the rise. Private equity firms — once the prominent buyer type in the LMM —  are now settling in as just one of many types of diverse investors in a market lush with competition.

One of the fierce competitors? Holding Companies.

While the number of “HoldCos” has steadily increased in recent years, it’s risen even more substantially in the past 24 months. On Axial, the number of HoldCos using the platform has increased by almost 27% in the past year alone, and they’re very actively sourcing.

In the past 12 months, 6,450 deals were shared on Axial with holding companies, more than 30% of which were in the industrials sector.

Today, we are featuring the 25 Most Active Holding Companies on the Axial platform.  Axial’s Holding Company ranking is assembled based on the deal-making activities of 307 Holding Companies and is driven by three factors: 

  • Total Closures: Total deals closed by the firm since inception
  • Axial Closures: Total closed deals sourced via Axial 
  • Process Effectiveness: Ability to progress to the IOI or LOI stage on deals sourced via Axial

Congratulations to the featured Holding Companies for their achievements!


The 25 Most Active Holding Companies on Axial

Rank Firm HQ
1 Balio UK
2 Newbury Franklin MA
3 Garden City Equity NC
4 Hummock Industries PA
5 Honor Health Network NJ
6 365 Holdings OH
7 Post Ventures NC
8 Davenport Capital Management IL
9 Northern Rock GA
10 Us Momentum Holdings AL
11 A&O Management Group TX
12 Chenmark Capital Management ME
13 AH Equity Investments NC
14 Big Band Software LLC MN
15 Columbia Home Services TX
16 Abingdon Software Group Limited UK
17 Janel Corporation NY
18 Enduring Companies TX
19 Brightleaf Holdings TX
20 Quinsig Capital MA
21 Quiet C DC
22 District Equity NY
23 Western Capital Resources, Inc NE
24 Confluent Holdings MO
25 Tiny BC

2 or more closed deals on Axial  – 1 closed deal on Axial

About the Featured Members

“Balio invests in, acquires, and builds leading software businesses across the world. Our team is made up of ex-founders and operators who have decades of collective experience spanning product development, engineering, sales and marketing, M&A, and operations at world leading enterprises and startups.

We have a proven track record of success in scaling companies from 0 to 100, and further helping transform them in future stages of growth including via entry into new markets, go-to-market optimization, and new products launches.

Above all, we at Balio are company builders and are focused on working intimately with founders and management teams to take their businesses and visions to the next level.”

Visit Balio’s Profile

“Newbury Franklin is an acquirer and builder of businesses operating in niche markets, with loyal customers, high revenue retention, and sustainable cash generation potential. We are differentiated by our credibility as business leaders, not just investors. We leverage a proven organizational approach to drive organic and inorganic growth.

We are industry agnostic but dogmatic about the business model and industry characteristics that we seek out, investing only in opportunities that satisfy our key criteria. We have deep experience both facilitating leadership transitions and partnering with existing management teams to achieve exceptional outcomes.”

Visit Newbury Franklin’s Profile

“Garden City is a people-first holding company that buys, grows, and holds blue & white collar service companies from transitioning business owners. We provide a fast, fair, and straightforward acquisition process. We’re uniquely positioned to help businesses grow through our family of 50+ value-add shareholders.”

Visit Garden City’s Profile

“Hummock Capital is a family-owned holding company focused on long-term investments in North American based manufacturing and technology. As owner-operators, we seek to acquire and actively manage a diverse portfolio of holdings, amplifying the performance of our management teams and adding real value to established companies.”

Visit Hummock Industries’ Profile

“Our mission at Honor Health Network is to provide a network of healthcare resources that is renowned for the treatment of our employees, patients and the community in a financially sustainable way.

Our vision is to have Honor Health Network change the definition of responsible care in all of our markets. Our goal is to have the Honor name associated with unrivaled patient care while being the employer of choice in the communities we serve.

Honor Health Network is not just a company. We are a living, interactive network of people who live and work within the communities we serve. Our team understands that our success as people and professionals is directly tied to the health and growth of the communities and people we serve. Our core belief is simple. A company is only as strong as its people. For us, people mean our employees, our patients and their families. Our company can only be successful if our people are healthy, have the opportunity for long term success, and have a strong community behind them. Honor Health Network can only be successful by creating a healthier community, creating good local jobs, and supporting our local schools, events and neighborhoods.”

Visit Honor Health Network’s Profile

“365 Holdings is the best second home for the business you built. Most of our Brands have been acquired from founders who were looking for the right partner to ‘hand off their baby to’.”

Visit 365 Holdings’ Profile

“We buy small businesses built by good people. As fellow operators who started, scaled, and sold a business, Post Ventures is on a mission to help other entrepreneurs do the same. We partner with founders to facilitate deals that allow you to take profits while prioritizing your team members and ensuring the long-term viability of the business.”

Visit Post Ventures’ Profile

“Davenport Capital Management, LLC (“DCM”) is a private advisory and investment firm focused on advising, acquiring, managing and growing privately-held businesses. DCM partners with profitable companies that possess a strong industry presence, or a defensible niche position, and are poised to benefit from growth through capital investments, operational efficiencies and/or add-on acquisitions. DCM maintains a cohesive, multi-faceted team with deep operational and finance experience coupled with meaningful industry relationships. The team reflects a differentiated combination of skill-sets developed over multiple economic cycles at a number of leading consulting and financial institutions”

Visit Davenport’s Profile

“Northern Rock is a company that buys, operates, and grows small businesses. We combine long-term capital and the premier leadership talent in the world with the unique character of each business we acquire in order to achieve uncommon performance.”

Visit Northern Rock’s Profile

“US Momentum Holdings is a private investment firm focused on lower middle-market opportunities. We partner with exceptional companies seeking the next stage of growth. We currently own and operate 7 Harley-Davidson Dealerships, 4 Boat Dealerships, 2 Auto Repair Shops, a Construction Company, and a Reinsurance Company.”

Visit Us Momentum Holdings’ Profile

“We operate the Texas small businesses that we acquire with an eye to growing sales and profits to the next stage. Generally, that means that we put in someone knowledgeable in your small business industry as a General Manager, we give him or her an ownership stake in the business, and s/he grows it to the next level.”

“Chenmark Holdings is a team of small businesses committed to each other and to the constant pursuit of better. We work with retiring owners and current entrepreneurs to provide liquidity, preserve legacies, and position companies for long-term success. Chenmark companies share a commitment to Chasing Better, Keeping Score, Playing the Long Game, and Putting the Team First. We are not a private equity company or a traditional financial investor. We are operators providing a permanent destination for great businesses.

We are headquartered in Portland, Maine, and have business interests in British Columbia, Canada, The Southeastern U.S., and throughout New England. To date, we have completed 9 “platform” acquisitions in which we have maintained the legacy brand of the business. We have also completed more than 20 “tuck-in” transactions in which we combined a smaller business with one of our existing platforms.”

Visit Chenmark Capital Management’s Profile

“AH Equity Investments is the United States holding company for AH Group, a Panama based permanent capital vehicle.

AH enters each partnership with the intention of never selling. We are a holding company with no exit dates. Due to our long time horizon, the culture of a potential company is just as important as its financials.

We are always looking to acquire growing, profitable, privately held companies with proven business models, records of revenue and earnings growth, and a plan to sustain that growth. We prefer to work with the current management team or promote from within and are open to purchasing outright the business or partnering with the current owners for future growth.”

Visit AH Equity Investments’ Profile

“Big Band Software LLC is a private investment firm focused on small to medium sized acquisitions. We partner with exceptional companies seeking the next stage of growth. Post acquisition, we work closely with our portfolio companies to drive measurable value for all stakeholders.”

Visit Big Band Software LLC’s Profile

“Columbia Home Services is a Residential and Light Commercial home services platform focused on repair, maintenance, replacement and installation services in secondary but growing markets across the US. CHS is based in Dallas, Texas and is currently comprised of seasoned industry leadership​. Our vision is to partner with organizations who have great leadership, a winning culture and to help them grow their business.​”

Visit Columbia Home Services’ Profile

“Abingdon Software Group was founded with the objective of being a long-term home and partner for B2B mission-critical software companies as they continue their journey to the next stage. Our team has over five decades of experience in buying, investing and optimising software companies in several industries and geographies.

We acquire 100% of software companies we buy and provide founders the latitude to continue operating their businesses as before the sale. What we typically look for: Mission-critical B2B software, Industry/Vertical agnostic, Europe & North America, Recurring revenue 60%+ EBITDA Margin 10%+”

Visit Abingdon’s Profile

“Janel Corporation (OTC: JANL) is a publicly-traded holding company seeking to acquire and support exceptional businesses for the long term. We expect to grow our businesses organically and by completing acquisitions. We will acquire businesses that fit within our existing portfolio, or we will expand our portfolio into new areas. Our strategy focuses on strong and capable management teams, attractive existing business economics and businesses with stable, predictable earnings power that can be purchased at a reasonable price.”

Visit Janel Corporation’s Profile

“Our mission is to build enduring companies. By doing this, we steward the legacy of those who have trusted us with their businesses and capital, we build value for our investors, and we empower the next generation of company leaders.

We strive to buy small, enduringly profitable companies with no intention of selling and then work tirelessly to steward and build those businesses through supporting their leaders. What makes us unique is our indefinite investment horizon and focus on leadership support.”

Visit Enduring Companies’ Profile

“Brightleaf Holdings is a holding company that partners with founders, management teams and family-owned companies. Through our unique holding company model, we acquire great companies, grow them sustainably, and reinvest the earnings they generate. We invest planning to be long-term owners without the intention to sell.

As experienced business builders, we take a hands-on approach to creating value in each company. We are guided by our people-first approach and have a dual mission to ensure both our companies and people thrive.

Brightleaf Holdings’ current portfolio consists of five companies in the plumbing, roofing, tree health, and education services industries.”

Visit Brightleaf Holdings’ Profile

“Quinsig Capital is a private investment firm focused on small to medium sized acquisitions. We partner with exceptional companies seeking the next stage of growth. Post acquisition, we work closely with our portfolio companies to drive measurable value for all stakeholders. ”

Visit Quinsig Capital’s Profile

“Quiet C is a holding company that owns and invests in asset-light businesses. Our patient capital and collaborative approach affords us the opportunity to partner with first-class small and mid-sized businesses. We don’t have complicated mandates. Our singular effort is to buy and build excellent companies.”

Visit Quiet C’s Website

“District Equity, LLC is an award-winning international investment firm that wholly owns or holds interests in businesses operating in private equity, engineering, defense, and real estate industries. Typically, we are the largest outside shareholder in our portfolio companies; as such, we are focused on long-term growth and a total return strategy.”

Visit District Equity’s Profile

“Western Capital Resources (WCR) is a publicly traded holding company based in Omaha, Nebraska. WCR is focused on growing through the acquisition of established lower middle market businesses with up to $100 million in sales.

WCR is industry agnostic and targets leaders in niche industries or geographies as well as opportunistic purchases of businesses that WCR can improve operationally. WCR has a particular interest in situations involving companies facing succession dilemmas, corporate divestitures and businesses in out-of-favor industries. Current holdings include companies in the franchising, retail and consumer finance space.

WCR’s strategy is to build a diversified portfolio of strong cash flow generating businesses. Our financial strength, long term view and operating expertise allow subsidiary companies to focus on growing and maximizing return on investment.”

Visit Western Capital’s Profile

“Confluent is a holding company based in St. Louis, Missouri, that acquires and builds leading small and medium sized businesses throughout the United States.

Above all else, we are dedicated to our following core principles:

1. Operating at the highest level of integrity in all aspects of business and management;
2. Creating long-term shareholder value, principally by building each acquired business through organic and acquisitive growth;
3. Contributing to the development of the communities in which the Company operates, and;
4. Building upon the legacy of each acquired company’s former owner.”

Visit Confluent Holdings’ Profile

“Tiny is a family of ~40 wonderful businesses located around the world. We are long-term investors and are not interested in flipping businesses, instead we form meaningful partnerships focused on preserving and growing the legacy of the businesses we own.

Our goal is to buy businesses that are enduringly profitable and provide a great quality product or service to their customers. We are hands-off investors and seek to support existing management and or find external operators who are a good match for the business.

We generally shy away from using debt, and instead prefer mostly cash deals. If we are interested, we can have an offer to you in short-order and close in 30-90 days (depending on the complexity of the business).”

Visit Tiny’s Profile

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