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Episode 24: A hero’s journey: Mike Botkin and the OneOutdoor Holdings journey from start to exit


In this episode, Mike Botkin, founder and CEO of OneOutdoor Holdings sits down with Peter Lehrman. The conversation starts with the OneOutdoor Holdings origin story (hint: Mike was in bed at the time). Mike goes into how and where he sourced his first deal, how he structured the deal, and OneOutdoor’s strategic shift from residential to commercial landscaping businesses. 

From there, Mike reveals how he kept his acquisitions on track with a simple “main thing” due diligence playbook, focusing on contracts, talent, equipment, and high quality candid conversations with sellers. The episode concludes with a deep dive on leadership talent and, more specifically, the intangible and nuanced considerations that are associated with retaining every owner post-closing. 

Discussion points:

  • Trade business career progression and property management
  • Impulsive purchase of landscaping business
  • Thoughts on an employee quitting for self-employment
  • Differences and value in commercial landscaping
  • Seller profiling in business acquisition
  • Building strong relationships in business
  • Relationship and expansion in the landscaping market
  • Next steps and expansion plans
  • The pursuit beyond money

This podcast is produced by the team at Axial ( Axial makes it easy for small business owners to confidentially research and connect with top-ranked M&A advisors and capital partners via a trusted online platform. I am your host, Peter Lehrman, founder and CEO of Axial. In every episode, we explore the vast world of small business M&A, interviewing both the proven and the emerging owners, operators, investors, and advisors whose strategies and methods are being put to the test.

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