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Elm Fork Partners Family Office

Elm Fork Partners stems from a history of entrepreneurship, corporate value creation, and successful outcomes for all parties involved. We are a Texas-based, single family office, focused on providing flexible and sustainable capital to companies, teams, and assets that are striving to create…

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Bull Creek Capital Family Office

Founded in 2018, we focus on early stage investments for companies needing growth capital. We take pride in providing resources and advisory to new business ventures in Texas. As a family-office structure, we make investment decisions with autonomy and flexibility with transaction…

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Kiron Capital Family Office

Greg Hackney formed Kiron Capital in 2009 after selling a healthcare software business that he founded. Greg started Kiron to acquire middle market healthcare and business services companies. Our team comprises a highly experienced group of operators and investment professionals. We are a committed…

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Gonzalez Kane Interests Family Office

Texas based investment firm founded by two experienced finance, investment and operations professionals. Focused on acquiring Texas based lower middle market businesses.

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Austin Rock Gym Inc. Family Office

Troy was raised down in the west Texas town of El Paso where he discovered climbing. His parents would take him to Hueco Tanks as a boy. Troy began climbing as a sport in High School and never stopped. He attended Texas Tech University where his career in climbing and his life with Erica began.…

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Cathexis Investment Management Family Office

Single family office focused on direct private equity and real estate investing. We are the family office of the firm’s CEO. Cathexis’ organizational structure and permanent capital base provides significant advantages, including strong alignment with management teams, a long-term investment…

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Orison Capital Family Office

Orison Capital operates under a strong organizational culture and a senior leadership team that understands the importance of conducting business with honor. Orison Capital is not a fund. We partner with a limited number of individuals in each investment. Patient sources of capital enable Orison…

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E&C Acquisition, LLC Family Office

E&C Acquisition provides both independent consulting services and invests in transactions on a principal basis. E&C Acquisition is an independent financial advisory firm that specializes in complex project financings, mergers and acquisitions and corporate finance. To date, our principles have…

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SGH Management Company Family Office

SGH Strategic Investment Partners was founded in 2019 as a private family office in Austin, Texas. SGH is an active investor focusing on investing in lower middle market companies.SGH's investment philosophy is to identify strong management teams with compelling business plans and help them grow…

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