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Quadrant 4 Systems Corporation Corporation

Please visit www.qfor.comQuadrant 4 System Corporation is a publicly traded (ticker: QFOR) vertical cloud platform company with a proprietary SMAC stack technologies. We have offer Platform-As-A-Service and Software-As-A-Service to the following verticals:Health insurance (qHIX - Benefit…

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Ascend Learning Corporation

Ascend Learning is a leader in technology based learning solutions that more efficiently deliver higher performance student results in healthcare and other professional fields. We produce unique content, software and great student results. Through our rigorously researched assessments, continuous…

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Biometrics4ALL Corporation

Biometrics4ALL is a software company that provides turnkey solutions and Software as a Service (SaaS) for the burgeoning biometrics market. Biometrics4ALL has a 10 year track record of consistent revenue growth and profitability with a 20+% 5 year CAGR. Our 1,000+ customers span over 4 continents…

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ISE Corporation

ISC is global software solution company delivering cutting edge technology solutions to enterprise and medium sized businesses using solution frameworks designed to accelerate the delivery and reduce cost. Over 15 years ISC has established itself as a leading IT services and solution company,…

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CryoMedix Corporation

TechnologyCryoMedix has patents pending for four components that comprise its next generation cryoablation platform technology.Single Phase Liquid Coolants:A group of compounds which have the unique attribute of remaining in a liquid state between room temperature and -190°C when maintained under…

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Teleflex Incorporated (NYSE:TFX) Corporation

Teleflex, headquartered just outside of Philadelphia in Limerick, Pennsylvania, specializes in products and services for vascular access, respiratory care, general and regional anesthesia, cardiac care, urology and surgery. Our original equipment manufacturer group also provides specialty products…

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ECHO Health IT Networks, Inc Corporation

ECHO's value proposition helps IT health companies and the hospital industry in emerging markets such as Brazil to harness their market potential by providing target business development, marketing and technical expertise and particularly financial consulting by liaising with the US Export-Import…

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Venture Research, Inc. Corporation

Venture Research Inc. is a leader in the industry of track and trace technologies with specialization in RFID and supply chain. With over 600 installations in 28 countries Venture Research is an expert in solutions that require real time visibility of critical assets in industries such as health…

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Biodesix, Inc. Corporation

Biodesix was founded in 2005 to apply the principles of complex data analysis and mass spectrometry (MS) to the discovery and development of improved multivariate tests that give physicians better information to understand the patient and their disease. Understanding the clinically meaningful…

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Wovenware Corporation

Wovenware is a software development and engineering company. We are the partner of choice for organizations needing to re-engineer their systems and processes to increase profitability, realize efficiencies, and seize new market opportunities.Wovenware caters large healthcare insurance and…

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