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IML Ventures LLC Search Fund

IML Ventures was formed by two experienced entrepreneurs seeking to acquire a privately-owned business. Our focus is long term success. We are not a turn-around shop and we are self-funding our search. Therefore, we answer only to ourselves in terms of what defines success for the business. For all…

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Lehigh Valley Search Fund, LLC Search Fund

I am an entrepreneur looking to buy a small business in Eastern or Central Pennsylvania. My intent is to operate the company full-time and for the long haul. I am searching for a healthy business managed by an owner who is ready for a transition or retirement. My hope is this will be someone I can…

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Unicode Capital Search Fund

Unicode Capital is a self-funded search fund lead by Grant Ognibene, a Stanford University alumni. With a focus on B2B recurring revenue companies, Grant plans to lead the search, acquisition, growth, and exit of a single business and eventually building towards a portfolio of assets.

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Integrit Ops LLC Search Fund

We are a trusted landing spot for legacy owners to transfer their operations, people & brand. Our unique operating experience and financial independence allows us to be long-term minded asset-builders, not financial engineers. Based out of Kansas City, we are focused on lower middle-market…

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Gritty Capital Search Fund

Gritty Capital is a private investment firm whose aim is to buy and grow a gritty business generating annual EBITDA of $200k - $1.5m in Northern New England.

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Blazemark Capital Partners Search Fund

Blazemark Capital Partners is a New England-based investment partnership seeking a single lower middle-market business that is considering an ownership transition to a pair of local, experienced operators. With 100% of our focus on growing one's business, strong local connections, and a commitment…

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Hexagone Holdings Search Fund

I am Jonathan Brouse, an engineer and business operator, seeking to purchase one company and to operate over the long-term.​My objective is to buy one privately held company and operate for the long term while preserving the owner’s legacy. I can quickly and efficiently purchase a business…

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Nordic Rock Capital Search Fund

You have spent your life building a great business. Now you are ready to transition into a new phase. We understand that handing over ownership can be difficult. You want fair compensation for the company you built, but you also want to make sure your legacy is protected in the hands of someone you…

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Preon Ventures LLC Search Fund

Preon Ventures LLC is a private investment firm focused on acquiring a small to medium sized business. The principals are seasoned operators with a history of driving impact for all stakeholders. 

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