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Building an eCommerce Holding Company from Scratch, with Kelcey Lehrich



In this episode, my guest is Kelcey Lehrich, Co-Founder and CEO of 365 Holdings, a vertically integrated holding company of DTC-centric brands. 365 has built a high-performing team of growth-minded professionals that makes an impact on the landscape of consumer brands. 

365 is built for the express purpose of being the long-term home for these “microbrands” (including Cultures for Health, Steel River, Alternascript, and Valley Food Storage) and enables these brands to see profitable, sustainable growth for years to come. Operationally, they accomplish this through a vertically integrated shared services model; fundamentally, they accomplish this through a company culture that embraces 365’s core values.

In my talk with Kelcey, we’ll touch on some of the brands that comprise 365’s current stable of holdings, the current and future challenges facing the eCommerce industry, and a few of the specific practices of their vertically integrated model that differentiate them within the M&A world.

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Discussion points:

  • Take us through your background and career previous to starting 365 Holdings
  • Some of the small businesses Kelcey ran early in his career
  • How did you stumble into eCommerce?
  • The evolution of consumer spending post WWII to today
  • How Cultures for Health can only survive as a niche eCommerce company
  • What are your metrics for purchasing companies?
  • Looking at cash flow, history, sustainable models, and other factors
  • The origin story of the name “365 Holdings”
  • Is there one area that you specialize in, post-transaction?
  • The “inch-deep, mile-wide” skills that 365 offers to acquired businesses
  • 365 teams are function-focused, a marketing expert does marketing for all the 365 businesses
  • 365’s experimental “EiR” (entrepreneurs in residence) program
  • Hot topics for 2022 from 365’s Annual Letter 
  • Is there a limit to how many companies 365 will own?
  • The process for keeping/selling companies within 365
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