Axial for CEOs & CFOs

Power up your strategic finance toolkit. With efficiency and confidentiality, you can raise equity and debt, hunt for acquisitions, network with potential buyers, and get thoughtful referrals to M&A advisors.

How can Axial help you achieve your goals?
Raise growth capital

When raising capital, you need a partner that aligns with your goals and priorities — but you also need someone to provide the right price and fair terms.

Axial’s technology takes the work of discovering partners and filtering through your options off your plate. Put simply, we match your goals and business information with the real-time intent of investors and lenders.

Designed with confidentiality concerns in mind, you retain total control over who you approach and when.

Download: The CEO‘s Guide to Types of Growth Capital
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Accelerate growth through acquisitions

Achieving sustained double-digit top-line growth usually requires a dedicated inorganic growth strategy. No matter if you’re an experienced acquirer or haven’t yet tackled add-ons, finding the right targets and executing on deals is a huge undertaking.

Axial’s technology gives business owners real-time access to dealflow in both their direct and adjacent markets. When a deal fits your strategic interests, you’ll be recommended to fellow business owners and their advisors.

Download: The CEO‘s Guide to Strategic Acquisitions
Before Axial, we were 100% reactive to identifying acquisitions. Now we’re proactive.
Find financing alternatives to my local bank

The market is flush with different types of capital providers, each with varied fee structures and interest rates.

Whether you’re considering debt consolidation, acquisition financing, asset-based lending, factoring, or SBIC loans, connecting with a host of lenders and other capital providers will help you make the right decision for your business.

Join the thousands of CEOs and CFOs who have leveraged Axial’s tools to get more competitive rates and find alternatives to Main Street banks.

Download: The CEO‘s Guide to Debt Financing
We joined Axial because we were in a growth spurt. We met a number of people on the debt and equity side of the house, learned a great deal, and ultimately secured an extraordinary debt position.
Find a buyer for your business

When it comes time to make the decision to sell your business, you know you’re looking for a buyer — but what kind?

Understanding the differences between buyers is critical to making the right decision for your company and its employees. You’ll also need the right people at the negotiating table in order to get the highest possible price.

By confidentially laying out your goals and key business information on Axial, we in turn recommend the most relevant advisors and buyers for you to review at your own pace.

Download: The Complete Guide to Evaluating Buyers for Your Company
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Get confidential advice on growing, exiting, or raising capital

Axial has helped thousands of business owners explore their options for growth, sale, debt and capital raises, management transitions, and much more. We can provide initial advice, and connect you with partners, advisors and experts that will help you achieve your goals. We keep our discussions confidential, until you give us permission otherwise. And if you are early in your process and just looking to learn, you‘ll find a treasure trove of advice on our publication Middle Market Review.

Download: Before the Deal: A Checklist for CEOs
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