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Introducing the Masters in Small Business M&A Podcast


We’re excited to introduce “Masters in Small Business M&A,” a podcast hosted by Axial founder & CEO Peter Lehrman. 

“Masters in Small Business M&A” will dive into the origin stories, key transactions, and key career moments of both seasoned and emerging dealmakers, acquisitive operators and trusted advisors exclusively within the small business M&A ecosystem.

By unearthing their deal wisdom, their leadership experiences, and the most meaningful learnings from their work in the world of small business M&A, we hope the show makes it easier for others to make informed decisions and drive great outcomes as they navigate their own small business M&A journey.

Our first episode is live and can be found here:

Episode 1: From 70 to 2000 employees – The Awesome EtA Growth Story of Pearce Services with its CEO, Bret Forster

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If you’re interested in diving into some other great podcasts that organize around investing in and operating companies both large and small, these are 5 of our current favorites. 

1 – Invest like the Best, with Patrick O’Shaughnessy

An outstanding interviewer of proven investors and top CEOs, covering both public and private markets

2 – Capital Allocators, with Ted Seides

Great niche podcast focusing on capital allocators and the GP-LP dynamic.

3 – Acquired

Deep, very long-form podcast on tech company success stories.

4 – Think Like an Owner, with Alex Bridgeman

Fantastic SMB focused podcast with Alex; a great archive of episodes with a frequent lens on micro-PE and search funds / EtA.  

5 – M&A Masters, with Patrick Stroth 

Patrick tends to focus largely on lower middle market PE interviews given his focus with Rubicon, a top R&W insurance brokerage in the category.  He has landed some great guests over the years.

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