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Armada Mercantile Ltd. Merchant Bank

Armada Mercantile Ltd. ( is a financial services, trade finance and relational FINRA Broker/Dealer company providing specialized merchant banking, venture lending and corporate finance services internationally. As a service, we advise clients on organization, structure,…

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OPI Ventures Merchant Bank

In addition to traditional financing and M&A advisory and relationship development, GrowthBound makes profitable growth a habit by helping entrepreneurs and investors: * recruit and retain world class leadership. * develop successful business strategies, opportunities, and partnerships * invest or…

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Confluence Advisors, LLC Merchant Bank

Confluence Advisors, LLC is a boutique investment bank that offers financial advisory services to middle market business and private equity firms. The firm provides merger and acquisition, capital market, strategic sourcing, growth capital placement, restructuring and refinancing, and negotiation…

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RedRidge Finance Group Merchant Bank

RedRidge Finance Group was built to address the needs of a changing financial marketplace.Whether it's a middle market company looking to grow or restructure, or a client seeking straightforward, professional advice and diligence, our boutique approach allows us to provide the highest level of…

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Newport Partners Merchant Bank

Founded in 1991, Newport Partners is a middle-market focused private equity and merchant banking firm. We provide capital, credit, leadership, and advisory services in industry-agnostic management buyouts, sponsored business acquisitions, M&A transactions, and we also finance and fund ongoing…

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Tangent Capital Partners, LLC Merchant Bank

Tangent Capital provides investment banking solutions to alternative asset managers and private companies, employing a systematic approach to identify opportunities. Our transaction expertise spans traditional mergers and acquisitions, investment team lift-outs and bolt-ons, and complex asset…

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Blue Ocean Engineered Capital Merchant Bank

Blue Ocean Engineered Capital helps small businesses reach the middle market by achieving $5M in EBITDA in a system which deploys financial capital simultaneously with human capital to increase the speed and probability of success.We provide access to our Brain Bank© of former CEOs, entrepreneurs,…

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Commenda Capital, LLC Merchant Bank

Commenda Capital is a financial advisory firm and a merchant bank that assists established management teams with the tools, contacts, business strategies critical to growing their business. We also provide the capital necessary to exercise those strategies.Our approach to funding enables companies…

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Ash Creek Capital Advisors Merchant Bank

We provide the means to enhance the value of small and medium-sized enterprises that have a proven successful business model. We do that by providing advice and arranging financing. We recognize that small and medium-sized businesses are often at a disadvantage in securing credit or investment…

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Issuers Capital Advisors Merchant Bank

Issuers Capital Advisors is a financial firm providing a full range of services to publicly and privately held companies, as well as companies in the pre-IPO stage. ICA provides turn-key solutions to all your public management needs as well as the needs of your private company looking to become…

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