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Advantage Insurance Holdings Corporation

Advantage provides specialty insurance and related services to business owners and high net worth individuals seeking customized insurance solutions for their risk management and financial planning needs. Our predecessor business was founded in 1993 by Ian Kilpatrick, our Vice Chairman and a…

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Red Seal Measurement Corporation

Red Seal Measurement systems are specially designed to provide unsurpassed service in the most demanding measurement applications, from refined fuel custody transfer to exacting batching operations in the food and chemical industries. Whether the job calls for a positive displacement meter with a…

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Metalworx, Inc. Corporation

Metalworx, Inc. and its affiliated companies combine to provide high quality, customer focused, single source manufacturing solutions. We provide our services to the medical, military, aerospace, power generation, transportation and other industrial and technology based industries. Our contract…

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Cohn Construction Services, LLC Corporation

We started in 1993 and aimed to build a reputation as a design-build construction company of quality, value and integrity. Celebrating our twentieth year in business, our focus has been and will continue to be centered on performance and delivering quality work over growth.Our relentless pursuit of…

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Ceterus, Inc Corporation

Ceterus provides next generation reporting and accounting. We deliver relevant, accurate and timely reporting to clients throughout the United States, while also doing their accounting and making their lives easier.

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SportsUP Health LLC Corporation

SportsUP and its breakthrough dietary products are the vision of its founder – German born Oliver Freund, a former World-Class ranked tennis player and pharmaceutical entrepreneur whose strong interests in Sports Science led him to develop the first caffeine free Power Performance System of…

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Ellipsis Technologies, Inc. Corporation

Ellipsis Technologies is a web security company offering "Human Presence" technology to help website owners model and identify human visitor behavior to improve their user experience while providing tools to prevent malicious bot attacks.

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A3 Communications Corporation

It started with his passion for electronics. In 1990, Joseph Thomas, a graduate of the University of South Carolina's Master electrical engineering program, and our current Chief Executive Officer, turned his knowledge, experience and love for technology into a viable business - A3 Communications.…

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Eccotemp Systems Corporation

Eccotemp deigns and manufactures highly efficient portable hot water heaters, and aims to take on outside capital to scale the production and distribution of its product to an influx of new customers. For more information on the trajectory of Eccotemp's growth, please read on.Eccotemp has been in…

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Verge Solutions, LLC Corporation

Verge Solutions, LLC started with three friends comprised of two IT gurus and one academic medical center executive. While on vacation, the hospital executive lamented about work and his IT buddies had an epiphany; soon after, Verge was born. As the company has grown, we continue to fill gaps in…

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