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Billionaires Funding Group Holding Company

BFG is a private investment firm focused on small to medium sized acquisitions. We plan to work closely with our portfolio companies to drive measurable value for all stakeholders.

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Maiden Lane LLC Holding Company

Maiden Lane LLC is an investment vehicle focused on acquiring small to medium sized businesses ($3-30m in sales, $0.5-5m in EBITDA). Our objective is to find stable businesses that can benefit from entrepreneurial ownership. Our goal is to find businesses that we can grow, not under-invest in to…

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Knape Enterprises Holding Company

Investment firm founded by experienced banking professional with additional operational and investment experience in the consumer, energy, and real estate industries.

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XMi Holdings Holding Company

Our primary focus is on companies which could benefit from our partners’ experience and expertise as well as take advantage of the operational support services which XMi Holdings can provide. We are generally not passive investors and look to actively assist our portfolio companies to achieve its…

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Nova Investment Firm Holding Company

Nova Builders is a holding company created for the purpose of acquiring and operating small businesses in Massachusetts. Our founder, Vijay Johnson, plans to serve as a strategic partner for his acquisitions to drive value for all stakeholders.

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Blue Ridge Succession Fund Holding Company

Blue Ridge Succession Fund is a holding company that invests and partners with family-owned businesses in the Southeast.We aim to partner with well-run, family-owned businesses in the Southeast with consistent, annual operating net income of $400K to $3M and the following…

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Bright Holdings Holding Company

Based in Chicago, Bright Holdings is run by a team of former technology sales, marketing & operational professionals. The company invests in great businesses ranging from $3-$20 million in revenue and with net margins of 15% or more. Our aim is to bring long-term growth through streamlining…

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Schaker Holdings LLC Holding Company

We are a privately held investment company, with both direct and indirect investments. Occasionally, we will accept an advisory assignment.When investing directly, we can be a principal investor, or act as an independent sponsor. Our investment activities are typically tied to our involvement as an…

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Mobilempower Holding Company

We all know the trajectory of mobile first strategy and the huge power of social media. Grobbit is not re-inventing the wheel, it is simply harnessing existing trends into one coherent whole. Image recognition, while still in its infancy, is in play; one can't imagine a world now without social…

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MySolv Technologies Corp. Holding Company

MySolv Technologies Corp. is a Western Canadian based private investment firm with a concentration on owning and operating lower middle-market businesses. MySolv's strategic focus is to seek alliances and opportunities that provide solutions and technology for businesses.

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