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C9 Partners, LLC Independent Sponsor

C9 Partners LLC is private investment firm focused on identifying niche opportunities at the intersection of specialty lending and financial, legal, and healthcare business services.We are industry experts leveraging over 50 years of institutional lower-middle market corporate finance experience…

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K2M LLC Independent Sponsor

K2M was founded to provide advice and service to all segments of the real estate industry during the most entrenched market downturn experienced in more than 75 years. The principals of K2M bring the experience of having successfully weathered more than two full real estate cycles as principals,…

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BB Investment Holdings Independent Sponsor

BB Investment Holdings, is an international company investing, operating and growing companies in the USA. Our approach is unconventional, like our past experience of creating value on non-traditional ways.While focusing on creating higher margins, we invest in our society. Through our Permanent…

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Vega Ventures Independent Sponsor

We are growth investors focused on North American middle market companies, primarily investing in healthcare, biotech, business services, education and real estate opportunities.We take a long-term approach to value investing, focusing on macro-economic trends that support long-term, sustainable…

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West Edge Partners Independent Sponsor

OverviewWest Edge Partners is a team of entrepreneurial investors dedicated to investing in and accelerating the growth of a privately-held business through a hands-on approach.The West Edge AdvantageFlexibleAble to maneuver more opportunistically than traditional investment firms given that we are…

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Hayman Advisors Independent Sponsor

Hayman Properties, LLC is a experienced and disciplined boutique commercial real estate company acquiring value add, opportunistic and core commercial real estate assets targeted to deliver reliable cash flow, significant capital appreciation and most often, both. We acquire assets in CA, CO, UT,…

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Maddocks & Company Independent Sponsor

Maddocks and Company is a full service branding, marketing and advertising company whose client list includes such companies as Red Bull, Disney, KetelOne, Sony, Lenovo, The Venetian, Murad, Coke and many others. We uphold the belief that good work stems from a profound effort to understand the…

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ROCA Partners Independent Sponsor

ROCA Partners is a Los Angeles-based private equity investment firm focused on providing leading services companies with flexible capital and operational resources to accelerate growth.

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Zatara Capital Independent Sponsor

Zatara Capital is a boutique merchant banking platform focused on making control equity investments and providing capital and debt advisory services to middle market companies. Founded by leveraged finance professionals, Zatara Capital looks to partner or acquire founder owned businesses in…

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Dara Knot Capital Partners Independent Sponsor

Dara Knot is a Los Angeles-based private investment and advisory firm, founded to bring entrepreneurial passion, best in class strategic and operational support, and highly tailored capital solutions to small and lower middle-market services businesses seeking to achieve their next level of growth…

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