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SP Nano, Ltd. Corporation

Founded in November 2007 and based on research that was initiated at the Hebrew University in 1989, SP Nano’s technological and scientific development team has developed an innovative nanotechnology for the production of superior composite materials.SP Nano has found a cost effective way of…

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Thor Power Corporation

Thor Power offers a ground-breaking, system-wide solution for electric motor, alternator, generator power needs up to 5kw+/6.7HP+. The Thor Power TREZIUM® electric power system is more revolutionary than evolutionary. We offer an ultra-efficient, cost-saving, highly reliable and supremely durable…

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Carrier Class Green Infrastructure, LLC Corporation

CarrierClass Green Infrastructure manufactures the Connectable line of off grid solar powered architectural personal device charging stations for campus and other public spaces

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Allied Wire & Cable Inc. Corporation

Allied Wire & Cable (AWC) is a leading value-added distributor of electrical wire & cable, with a broad product offering and deep expertise in value-added capabilities serving all major domestic and international end markets.AWC's market strategy is focused on OEMs that value the Company's highly…

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Strategic Partners 3.0, Inc. Corporation

Strategic Partners 3.0, Inc. is a private investment firm focused on small to medium sized acquisitions. We partner with exceptional companies seeking the next stage of growth. Post acquisition, we work closely with our portfolio companies to drive measurable value for all stakeholders. 

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LSB Industries Inc. Corporation

LSB Industries, Inc. is a manufacturing, marketing and engineering company. Our principal business activities, through our subsidiaries, are the manufacture and sale of a broad range of heating, ventilation and air conditioning products, used in commercial, institutional and residential buildings,…

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First Choice Business Brokers - Nashville Corporation

Established in 1994, First Choice Business Brokers quickly grew to become one of the largest Business Sales Organizations in the U.S listing over $4 Billion in businesses for sale - thus giving Buyers and Sellers an extensive network of Business Brokers across the U.S. to assist in Buying or…

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ThermaRay Inc Corporation

ThermaRay's Radiant Heating Systems have been the smart choice for Architects, Engineers, Developers, Contractors, Renovators, Energy Management Consultants and Homeowners since 1985.Our radiant heating systems provide effective solutions to deliver comfort for a wide variety of construction…

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ArcActive, Ltd. Corporation

ArcActive was formed in 2007 to develop commercial opportunities of Assoc Prof John Abrahamson's invention: a continuous process for Arc-treating Carbon Fibre. John was the first person to find and characterise Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) in the 1970’s and in 2000, he decided to develop a production…

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HAWE Hydraulik Corporation

The HAWE Hydraulik Group at a glance:General Information: Turnover approx. 2019: USD 460 Mio. Number of Employees: 2,500 Headquarters: Munich, Germany Customer Base: more than 11,000 active customers p.a. Products & Services: (electro-) hydraulic components/ solutions/…

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