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Altus Traffic Management Corporation

Altus Traffic has been providing specialized traffic management, traffic planning and traffic control solutions in the USA since 2006. Our innovative solutions help us to improve roads across the country whilst reducing risk to the public, our clients and stakeholders.With our client’s objectives…

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Bakken Value Creators Corporation

We are a firm focused on creating value for our clients and partners, through acquisitions and divestitures alongside our partners putting our balance sheet at risk. Our experience spans from managing IT start-ups to the set-up of an $800M Oil and Gas division for a Fortune 500 Company. During that…

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Venture Research, Inc. Corporation

Venture Research Inc. is a leader in the industry of track and trace technologies with specialization in RFID and supply chain. With over 600 installations in 28 countries Venture Research is an expert in solutions that require real time visibility of critical assets in industries such as health…

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SSM Industries Corporation

SSM Industries Inc. manufactures flame resistant, cut resistant, and thermal fabrics. Founded in 1982 by Bill Hilleary, the first SSM product was a Nomex® simplex knit for military flight gloves. This fabric is still produced today, protecting our pilots and tank crews at home and abroad. Since…

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ACI Health Corporation

ACI Health is THE Value-Driven Healthcare Information Technology Provider. We invest in extensive research and analysis of a customer’s environment to ensure the right solution set. We satisfy our clients by exceeding their expectations of quality and delivering a project below cost and ahead of…

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KWJ Engineering, Inc. Corporation

Note: Included financials are a rough estimate of performance. We are seeking a capital raise to expand our product lines in the gas detection industry. We are in the "internet of things" and remote sensor industry, specializing in remote leak detection. KWJ Engineering Inc. is a California…

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Pathology Lab Solutions Corporation

We are a multi-faceted, growing business located in Conshohocken, PA just miles outside of Philadelphia. There are two main facets to our business model: Lab Set-ups and Lab/Medical Supplies. Lab Set-ups: We work with groups of physicians who are looking to internalize their pathology work and…

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Bel-Art Products Corporation

Bel-Art Products simplifies tasks with innovative product solutions for science, industry and healthcare.Over 3500 items from safety wash bottles to fume hoods are manufactured and marketed under well-known brand names including Scienceware® laboratory products, Spinbar® magnetic stirring bars,…

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Safex Systems LLC Corporation

The Safex mission is to provide quality safety and rescue professionals and provide around the clock, cost effective, turnkey coverage for any job, no matter the size or scope. Our professional rescue teams will work closely with your personnel to ensure the highest levels of safety prior to, and…

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Irwin's Safety Corporation

In fast paced competitive markets, comprehensive and properly executed health and safety management, programs, and training keep people safe and contributes to the bottom line. Our clients select us as their partner in safety because of our dedication to customized solutions providing a high…

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