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NC Chocolate Manufacturing LLC Corporation

Nassau Candy Distributors, Inc. ("Nassau Candy"), is a holding company which owns specialty manufacturing and specialty distribution companies across confectionery, specialty foods, apparel, promotional products and other specialty manufacturing businesses. We operate across four divisions:…

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ABB Partners LLC Corporation

ABB Partners, LLC is a Florida-based holding company. Portfolio companies include Grain & Barrel, an innovative craft spirits company, and Intercoastal Brands, a c-store focused brand development company. ABB also has deep experience in the Brazilian market, both from a transaction and ownership…

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Links Logistics Corporation

Temp-controlled Storage We offer refrigerated storage with 24-hour monitoring of temperature and humidity from 64 to 34 degrees (Chilled and Dry). Our facilities are Kosher/Organic Certified and been rated AIB "Superior" in Food Safety Program. Paired with EDI and RFID capabilities, we're more than…

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Eonsmoke, LLC Corporation

Eonsmoke, LLC, designs, markets, and distributes electronic cigarettes and accessories. Electronic cigarettes are devices which vaporize a liquid solution to provide users with an experience akin to smoking without actual combustion. The company offers its products and accessories under the…

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Daniel Nicolas Corporation

WHO IS St. AMOUR, Inc. St Amour, Inc aka FrenchCookies is owned and operated by Susan and Daniel Nicolas. We are a ‘Packaged Consumer Food Products Manufacturing’ company catering to Natural Food Markets and Supermarkets. In the past 6 years our strategy has been to create products which can…

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Marich Premium Chocolates Corporation

Marich Chocolates is a maker of premium chocolates and confections established in 1983, and is exploring conversations with food and beverage industry experts about the future potential of the business. About Marich Chocolates:Marich Chocolates is a maker of fine chocolates and confections since…

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ITOCHU International Corporation

The North American flagship company of ITOCHU Corporation, ITOCHU International provides trading services for more than 20,000 items and manages a portfolio of 27 subsidiaries and affiliates as well as a diversified range of investments. Headquartered in New York and operating in the US, Canada and…

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Clarentis Technologies Corporation

Clarentis Technologies owns the patent rights and Intellectual Property to an innovative technology that manufactures non-toxic, EPA registered solutions that are hospital-grade disinfectant/antimicrobials. The two solutions produced through our proprietary Ultra-Lyte System; Ultra-Lyte & Zero-Lyte…

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Votto Vines Corporation

Votto Vines is the first wine importing, distribution & marketing company to earn a place on the Forbes Most Promising Companies in America (2015) and the Inc. 500 (2014). We are a family business headquartered in Connecticut focusing on the importation and marketing of fine wines produced by…

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Baker Boy Corporation

Baker Boy has a long history of delivering quality products and responsive service to our customers. We make our word our pledge, and our handshake our commitment, and we measure our success by the trusted, long-term partnerships we build.MARKETS SERVED:At Baker Boy, we understand the unique needs…

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