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Tempo Underwriting Corporation

Tempo Underwriting underwrites 7 classes of specialty lines insurance and reinsurance business. Founded in 2012, Tempo Underwriting was established with a vision of a Lloyd's syndicate outside Lloyd's, an underwriter-led business with a collection of niche insurance offerings. Tempo Underwriting…

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3D Pioneer Systems, Inc. Corporation

3D Pioneer Systems’ first printer, the Wyatt, is designed to make 3D printing more accessible to the general public. It features a full-color LCD touch screen, a built-in camera, and an advanced printing platform. This printer integrates fully with the Company’s Whip device, which is also…

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MiTonics Corporation

Using a coffee-style vending platform, MiTonics has developed the world's only automated and personalised self-serve sports nutrition drink system. With over 500 possible nutrient combinations in the machine, we are targeting the retail sports and gym community and offer the regular gym-goer the…

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Bunzl plc Corporation

Bunzl plc is a multinational distribution company headquartered in London, United Kingdom and listed on the FTSE 100. The company is primarily a distributor of a diverse range of non-food consumable products including food packaging, cleaning and hygiene supplies, personal protective equipment and…

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Innoveas International Corporation

Innoveas International is a leading innovation company, transforming world class technologies and innovative scientific ideas from universities and public research Institutions in Germany into game-changing enterprises. The company invests in high impact innovations in the global healthcare,…

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HighSkillPro Corporation

HighSkillPro ( is a global cloud-based B2B services marketplace for businesses to buy, sell, manage, and pay for professional services across 7 different verticals in business services, IT, and creative industries. Our vision is to change how businesses buy and sell core…

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Rothschild Corporation

Rothschild is one of the world's largest independent financial advisory groups, employing approximately 2,800 people in 40 countries around the world. We provide strategic M&A, wealth management and fund raising advice and services to governments, companies and individuals worldwide.Our Group…

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Fuelmywebsite Corporation

Fuelmywebsite is a digital tool that enables businesses from start-up to corporate size the ability to build and validate on-site trust. We recently delivered over 1,000 paid reviews in one month and are currently delivering over 4m impressions per week for clients on Twitter.Fuelmywebsite is…

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Yiitidi Corporation

Yiitidi Ltd is an Impact Investment company dedicated to invest in fast growing activities and operate in emerging markets. We aim to capitalise on the Sub-Saharan Africa Communications & Utility markets beyond large urban centres.

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