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REMA TIP TOP North America Inc. Corporation

REMA TIP TOP is a worldwide leader focusing on high-quality products and services in material processing, surface protection and automotive tire and wheel care aftermarket segments. Our material processing equipment target markets cover the mining, aggregates, cement, agriculture and recycling…

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Vicon Nano Science Corporation

Vicon is among the first cement companies in the U.S. to apply nanotechnology in their products.Vicon Nano Science L.L.C. with over 20 years’ experience in masonry building materials technologies creates innovations in the production and deployment of advanced concrete applications. Proven…

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WinningAdvantage, Inc. Corporation

WinningAdvantage provides business coaching and consulting services to small and mid-sized businesses. We work with business owners and managers to develop their companies' through all stages of the normal business life cycle; start-up, growth, maturity and decline. We provide coaching, consulting…

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Bobrick Washroom Equipment, Inc. Corporation

The leading U.S. provider of stainless steel washroom accessories used in all types of commercial buildings. Also one of the largest producers of toilet partitions. The company has a substantial presence in international markets. The company is represented by independent sales representatives in…

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Stirling Stone Works Corporation

Note: Included financials are a rough estimate of performance. Stirling StoneWorks manufactures, sells, and creates timeless and affordable cast stone monuments (more durable than granite).

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Rising Industries Corporation

Rising Industries is an industry proven management team with overlapping and complementary skill sets. Our purpose is to create a large and profitable company from very small important companies that lack the ability to develop and exploit the full potential of their valuable products. We have a…

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Giordano Construction Co., Inc. Corporation

Giordano Construction Co., Inc. has provided construction excellence to our clients for eight decades. During that time, we have completed millions of square feet of institutional, commercial and residential space throughout Connecticut. Brothers Michael and Vincent Giordano (photographed during a…

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MSRplans Corporation

MSRplans enhances the professionalism of your business plan and financing structure to increase investor demand, maximize valuation and secure capital expeditiously. Depending on the amount and type of work required, we provide our services on an hourly basis or for a fixed project fee. Before we…

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Milestone Imports Corporation

Milestone Imports has been importing and distributing Porphyry in the United States and Canada since 1998. Today it is a leader in bringing exceptional value and service to our customers by representing Porphyry quarries from around the world including Mexico and Patagonia.We have developed a…

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Master Coating Technologies Corporation

Master Coating Technologies is a manufacturer, distributor and sales agent to the commerical maket selling speciality coatings.

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