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Jamian Ventures, Inc. Individual Accredited Investor

Private investor interested in growth stage equity and mezzanine investments of $25-100k. Cashflow B/E.

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CARDRAC Search Partners Individual Accredited Investor

CARDRAC Search Partners is a fully-funded, family-office based search fund in Houston, TX. We are looking to acquire small private businesses in the general Houston MSA.

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Linfield Media Individual Accredited Investor

Linfield Media is a leading affiliate for many of the world's biggest ecommerce sites. Driving sales via paid search, SEO, social and email, Linfield Media owns and operates several coupon sites, including their flagship site, PromoCodesForYou. NOTE: Linfield Media is already engaged with an…

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William Griffin Individual Accredited Investor

William Griffin is an individual investor focused on small to medium sized acquisitions. Post- acquisition, he plans to work closely with portfolio companies to drive measurable value for all stakeholders.

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Range Capital LP Individual Accredited Investor

Range Capital LLC is a private investment firm focused on the acquisition of lower middle-market companies operating in leading edge industry sectors undergoing transformation or disruption, or inefficient and fragmented industry sectors ripe for consolidation.Range Capital will also consider other…

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Vinod Vijayan Individual Accredited Investor

Vinod Vijayan is an experienced manager and a search fund entrepreneur, looking to acquire and operate one privately held small business. Post-acquisition, he plans to assume a management role to drive measurable value.

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Elliot Cunningham Individual Accredited Investor

Individual investor looking to own and operate a business with around $1M in cash flow. Would love to work with a strong team that is currently in place and provide incentive opportunities for employees to share in the profitability of the firm.

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Crescent Consulting Individual Accredited Investor

Crescent Consulting invests in and advises businesses (digital media, apparel, finance), along with professionals & high net worth families.

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