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Axial’s Top Articles of 2022

In an ever-changing deal environment, Axial is happy to keep its readers up-to-date on what’s going on in the market via a variety of Middle Market Review articles. Our editorial staff has access to real-time Axial platform data as well as direct lines of communication with Axial buy- and sell-side members that are used to compile detailed pieces across a variety of segments. 

Take a look at some of the most-read pieces that we published in 2022 below.  

Enjoy the content, have safe travels, and happy holidays!

News, Reports, and Dealmaker Articles

Search Funds Making Strides Across the Lower Middle Market

Holding Companies Emerging as Driver of Lower Middle Market Consolidation

Analysis Reveals Business Broker Impact on Lower Middle Market M&A

Anatomy of an Earnout

ESG in the Spotlight as LMM Initiatives Gain Traction

The Lower Middle Market Add-On Report

The Axial Family Office Report

Member Features & Closed Deal Profiles

Six Deals Down, More to Go [Rox Capital]

Acquisitions in Alaska [Venture North Partners]

Pennsylvania Company Hits the Acquisition Trail [Gallagher Fluid Seals, Inc.]

Healthcare M&A Hiccups, Heartburn, and High Stakes [Lawrence Evans & Co.]

Independent Sponsor Seeks to Acquire Companies of Aging Entrepreneurs [Obsidian Point Partners]

When you Need Capital Creativity [Peakstone Group]

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