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5 Military Veterans Investing in SMBs


In celebration and acknowledgment of America’s birthday, we wanted to highlight U.S. service members turned lower middle market investors. We are honored to count these American veterans as members of Axial and are eager to witness and support their endeavors in the private sector. Below are the firm overviews – Happy 4th of July to all!

“Castle Succession LLC is an entrepreneurial firm looking to acquire and operate small to medium-sized businesses for the long term. Principal Jason Shinar is an experienced Army combat veteran and a graduate of The Wharton School. He has successfully led groups ranging in size from 10 to 250 people across his time in the Army.” 

What’s in a name? 

The castle is the emblem of Engineers, my specialty in the Army, and signifies the Corps’ historical mission of building fortifications and infrastructure in the United States. You’ve spent years growing your business into what it’s become – a fortress.  I’ll prove myself a worthy successor to pass the torch to and continue building on what you started.”  – Jason Shinar


“Fox Three Partners is a veteran-led, operationally-focused private investment firm. Their flexible, collaborative approach and ‘wingman’ mentality make them an ideal partner to help businesses thrive.

The term ‘Fox Three’ is a term used by fighter pilots to communicate the launch of a missile, signifying the search for a target is complete. It connotes mission success.

Founded in 2014, Fox Three Partners seeks to partner with management teams of great businesses and help take them to the next level.”


Cold Bore Capital is a veteran-led private equity firm that partners with exceptional business owners to facilitate a transition of leadership to elite military veterans including Navy SEALs, Delta Force, Green Berets, Army Rangers, Air Force PJs / CCTs, Marine Raiders / Force Reconnaissance, Navy SWCC, Strike/Fighter or SOF Aviators, and Navy EOD. The firm creates value by growing and repositioning micro-cap companies in high-growth, recession-resistant industries.”


“Grey Harbor LLC is an acquisition vehicle set up by U.S. Navy Vet Braden Schrock in order to find one quality business to buy and operate in Wisconsin for the long term.

In the Navy, Schrock trained to become an explosive ordnance disposal officer and deployed to four continents. He led teams of sailors in bomb squad response missions in the Middle East and Africa, helped train Korean Navy SEALs in South Korea, and planned aircraft carrier port visits in Europe. After all this, Schrock received his MBA at Northwestern University.

Now Schrock is looking to buy and run a manufacturing or related business in southeast Wisconsin that will allow him to give back to the local community.”


“Patriot Investment Partners (PIP) is a Veteran owned and led small business private equity firm investing growth capital in companies that are generating at least $500,000 of annual free cash flow. Patriot Investment Partners and its team members are current and past military leaders, investors, consultants, entrepreneurs, and operators. PIP has a passion for preserving the legacy of the company and creating long-term value and impact through proactive and hands-on leadership.”

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