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4 Ways to Make the Most of Your Labor Day Weekend

This summer, like every summer, has gone by far too quickly. As the long Labor Day weekend approaches, here are 4 ways to maximize the time and prepare for the boom in activity that occurs every fall.

#1: Update Your Online Profiles

Establishing a strong online presence is becoming as important as ever. In addition to basic websites, social media networks — like LinkedIn and Twitter — are becoming central to communication and networking. As business owners seek knowledge and relationships online, having an established presence in the digital realm is necessary for making your firm discoverable.

Take advantage of the long weekend by updating your LinkedIn and Axial profiles, growing your network online, and building out the company pages for your firm or for your portcos. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, you should join Twitter and begin practicing your 140-character messaging.

#2: Sign up for Upcoming Events

Attending conferences and events is one of the best ways to create new, and fortify existing, relationships. If you haven’t already set your travel schedule for the rest of the year, the upcoming long weekend would be a great time to develop plans.

September is a particularly robust time for conferences. We have identified ten conferences happening that month across the United States for both deal professionals and business owners. Special mention to our inaugural conference, Axial Concord, which is happening in NYC on September 30th

#3: Write a Blog Post

If you’re all set with your digital presence and travel plans, why not try your hand at a blog post? Content marketing is becoming an increasingly important strategy to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge in a specific industry or within the broader private capital markets.

The most effective articles tend to answer common questions or highlight recent trends. While you’re at it, submit your article to Forum as part of the Expert Publishing program. Send the draft or any questions to [email protected]. Here are a few examples from current experts, John Slater and Mason Myers.

#4: Relax!

And, of course, one of the best ways to spend the long holiday weekend is to relax and soak up the last of summer. Go to the beach, spend some quality time with the kids before they go back to school, or do something particularly adventurous.

Take some time to recharge your batteries before the post-labor day activity arrives in full force.

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