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Product Update: Get more control over the types of deals you see with a smarter keyword matcher

Arielle Shnaidman Axial | September 11, 2017

Our mission is to connect you with deal opportunities you would otherwise miss, but quality over quantity is key when it comes to being strategic, efficient, and connecting with the right people.

For buyers, investors and lenders with a strategic thesis, we provide a few tools to allow better targeting and matching. You can narrow by industry, but that won’t get you laser targeting. This is where word filters or “keywords” come in.

Want to match with healthcare companies but avoid pharmaceutical companies? Word filters let you control that.

To refine the kinds of opportunities you see even more, we’ve now made our keyword matcher more intelligent. For example, it now handles acronyms much smarter, including plurals (i.e. TPAs will match with TPA). It also recognizes parts of speech, which will help prevent false matches.

We hope this improvement empowers you to be even more strategic when looking for the right deal, as well as save you valuable time in your day-to-day so you can focus on closing.

p.s. If you’re a corporate strategic, you’ll find our smarter word filters especially valuable when trying to find deals for very specific interests!

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