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Oroco Capital Private Equity Firm

Oroco Capital is a private equity investment firm. Our strategy is to buy great businesses in our target industries and build value through both internal growth and acquisitions, resulting in excellent returns for our investors. The team at Oroco has completed over 50 deals totaling over $5.0B. We…

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LNC Partners Private Equity Firm

LNC Partners is a Northern Virginia based private equity firm with over $500 million of committed capital under management that provides a combination of capital and strategic resources to lower middle market companies. We can offer a full continuum of investment securities, from control equity to…

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RLJ Equity Partners Private Equity Firm

RLJ primarily invests in North American companies with enterprise values between $50 million and $250 million. While our target investment size is between $15 million and $40 million per transaction, we have the ability to pursue larger transactions in collaboration with our strategic partners. We…

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Halifax Group Private Equity Firm

The Halifax Group invests between $25 and $75 million alongside owners and managers of established, growing and profitable businesses that are leaders in their market niche. Our principals have over 100 years of combined experience and have executed more than 100 transactions collectively. Halifax…

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Federal City Capital Partners Private Equity Firm

Federal City Capital Partners is an operating sponsor dedicated to innovative control-only value investing in the smaller end of the middle market. We target businesses with annual revenues between $20 and $50 million that require capital to improve liquidity, drive operational improvement or lead…

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Sachs Capital LLC Private Equity Firm

Sachs Capital typically invests $3 million to $15 million in preferred equity for less than 50% ownership in profitable companies generating $10 million to $50 million revenue. Sachs Capital is a non-control, long-term, attractive partner for entrepreneurs who are looking to keep control of their…

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Albright Capital Management LLC Private Equity Firm

ACM is an independent investment adviser focused on special situations in the global emerging and frontier markets. ACM is affiliated with the former Secretary of State Madeleine K. Alblright and her geopolitcal consulting group the Albright Stonebridge Group.Our approach is value based, often…

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Blue Zone Partners Private Equity Firm

Blue Zone Partners is a private equity fund that purchases enduringly-profitable businesses. We are not concerned with industry. Instead, we’re focused on enduring profitability caused primarily by the following factors: quality product, lack of competition, competent workforce, and recurring…

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Lionchase Holdings Private Equity Firm

Lionchase Holdings, Inc. is a privately-held asset management firm that focuses on the growth of microcap and small-cap firms with yearly revenues up to $50MMUSD. Segment focus of the firm is technology, manufacturing, and power generation. The firm was founded in Washington, D.C. and leverages…

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Owner's Fund Private Equity Firm

Investment firm founded by entrepreneur seeking to acquire and operate a portfolio of lower-middle market businesses. Principal has previously founded and successfully run businesses focused on HR and recruiting.Previous experience as an entrepreneur and operator makes Owners Fund well positioned…

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