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SSAB Steel Corporation


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Referanza Corporation

Referanza is your one stop tool from customer satisfaction data to generating new leads, sales and traffic from social and digital recommendations made by customers. All data is searchable and displayed in one central campaign dashboard. Referanza makes it radically simple to create, send, track…

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Ascor Profit Corporation

Ascor Profit AB provides a cloud software solution to help businesses increase sales revenue by optimizing the business case for offers to be launched on the market.

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New Advisory Group Corporation

New Advisory Group is a Swedish M&A-Adviser focused on long-term value in the middle-market and provides strategic advice to a diverse client base. NAG is leading the transaction from start to finish.We at NAG have more than 20 years of broad Corporate Finance experience from among others…

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Bufab Corporation

Bufab is a trading company that offers its customers a full-service solution as Supply Chain Partner for sourcing, quality control and logistics for C-Parts (screws, nuts,etc). Bufab was founded in 1977 in Småland, Sweden and is today an international company with operations in 27 countries with…

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Human AB Corporation

Loan that people love. We offer unsecured consumer installment loans to creditworthy borrowers that banks turn-away at competitive rates. Upstart/Avant/Earnest meets Oscar Health.

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Alotema AB Corporation

Company registered 2005. Senior executives in Asia, Australia, Europe and US. Legal and financial executives (centers) in US, Switzerland, UK, Australia and India. Projecting and Financing of production units for Biofuel. Five different suppliers of two main different methods of CTL-technologies.…

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