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PDKMP Investment Group Holding Company

Holding company created to acquire operating pharmacies in the New York City metro area with at least $3 mm revenue. Firm principals have over 100 years of experience in finance and healthcare. We seek to acquire equity stakes in companies with growth prospects with a view to assisting them with…

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Tide Rock Holdings Holding Company

Tide Rock is a holding company that acquires a controlling interest in differentiated business-to-business companies in the lower middle market ($2-7M EBITDA for platforms). The firm is managed by experienced operators and finance professionals who have scaled businesses in various industries.We…

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ACP Holdings Corporation Holding Company

Headquartered just outside of Chicago — ACP Holdings is chartered to make investments in companies across a broad range of industries. It has a 25 percent investment in Arlington Computer Products (ACP) which develops solutions for midsize businesses, large enterprises, school districts,…

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Garden City Companies Holding Company

The world we’re creating. Envision a world where all service workers have dignity, respect, and are cared for. A world where service companies have thriving work environments focused on culture, technology and innovation. At Garden City, our vision is to create the best service company in the…

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Alamo Specialty Pharmacy Holding Company

We are looking to acquire ecommerce and saas business.We are looking for business with revenue > $4M and SDE > $500K.The business will be funded with part down and part SBA loan. We are pre-approved for the SBA loan of Up to $4M depending on business valuation with 10 to 15% down.

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BizGro Partners Holding Company

BizGro Partners is a private holding company that owns and operates 14 companies in different industries. We are mainly interested Business Service & Healthcare industries. Our typical target profile is B2B companies with good books and records, strong profitability, and a well-established…

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Us Momentum Holdings Holding Company

Us Momentum Holdings is a private investment firm focused on lower middle-market opportunities. We partner with exceptional companies seeking the next stage of growth.

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Atlas Group Holding Company

We are entrepreneurs who buy and build great businesses. Our multi decade time horizon allows us to put the needs of our businesses first. We invest in people. We believe that companies thrive with a patient, people-first approach.

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Bisi Health Holding Company

Bisi Health, Inc., a Delaware corporation, is an integrated medical technology company. Our products and services help treat patients suffering from disorders of, or injuries to, bones, joints or supporting soft tissues. Together with healthcare professionals, we help millions of people live better…

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Pine Ridge Holdings Holding Company

Pine Ridge Holdings is an investment firm that partners with small private businesses to drive their long term growth. Pine Ridge Holdings provides capital and advice to companies seeking long-term growth.In every situation we look to provide capital for future acquisitions and growth initiatives,…

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