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Exvere M&A Advisory Firm

Since, 1991, Exvere has provided mergers and acquisitions advisory services to privately held northwest companies, concluding over 150 assignments with over $3B in transaction value. Exvere provides advisory services across a full spectrum of capital transactions, serving buyers, sellers, and…

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Exit Equity M&A Advisory Firm

A professional merger & acquisition practice, Exit Equity LLC provides intermediary and advisory services to privately-held business owners wanting to maximize their equity by divestiture or recapitalization of their most valued possession … their business.

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ACT Capital Advisors M&A Advisory Firm

ACT Capital Advisors has facilitated the mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures of hundreds of companies. Our principals have closed mergers and acquisitions totaling over $2 billion in total corporate transactional value.Our team consists of dedicated professionals who apply their extensive…

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Corum Group M&A Advisory Firm

Corum Group Ltd. is the global leader in merger and acquisition services, specializing in serving software and information technology companies worldwide.For 30 years, Corum has created the standard for success. With offices across the globe, Corum has completed over $10 billion in transactions…

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Concord Ventures M&A Advisory Firm

Concord Ventures is a boutique investment banking firm representing business sellers in the $3,000,000-$500,000,000 value range in manufacturing, service, distribution, retail, and technology. We are headquartered near Seattle, in Bellevue, WA. Concord Ventures also provides financing services for…

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IBA M&A Advisory Firm

IBA is the premier business brokerage firm in the Pacific Northwest. We sell privately held companies and family owned businesses. We provide business buyers with quality companies at fair market values to evaluate for potential acquisition. IBA has completed over 4000 business sale transactions…

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Roupp Acquisitions Inc M&A Advisory Firm

Partners.We can throw fancy words at you and a history of mega-deals, but for us, it all comes down to this simple word. You need partners that can understand you, your business and your goals. Partners that can personally commit to giving you what you need, and that take personal stake in your…

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ASG Partners M&A Advisory Firm

What We DoASG Partners consults with manufacturing, distribution and service companies and represents the owners when they are ready to sell. We specialize in companies with annual revenues between $3 million and $100 million. We help owners sell their companies.For more than 27 years, ASG has…

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Global Ventures, Inc. M&A Advisory Firm

Global Ventures, Inc. is full-service investment banking firm located in Bellevue, Washington. Since 1962 GVI has helped privately-held companies with annual revenues from $5 million to $250 million. GVI typically represents owners in the sale of their business using a transaction structure…

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Falco Sult M&A Advisory Firm

While we are good with the details, the only way to help you accomplish your goals is to be strategic and look toward the desired outcome. We do this by applying the concepts of life cycles to your goals.Every business is unique but all companies will go through some form of the business life…

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