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Gold Acceptance Corporation

Gold Acceptance is a leading financial services company that specializes in developing partnerships with automobile dealerships to sell cars and provide financing for people who cannot get financing through other traditional means.Gold Acceptance has financed over 100,000 customers over the last 20…

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Alset Power Company Corporation

Sub-prime auto loan company seeks an investor to fund auto loans up to $10,000,000. for one year of loans. Investor may leave his money in this secured investment for as long as he wishes, from one year to 30 years. Money is secured by the automobiles being funding with the loans based upon actual…

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ACI Health Corporation

ACI Health is THE Value-Driven Healthcare Information Technology Provider. We invest in extensive research and analysis of a customer’s environment to ensure the right solution set. We satisfy our clients by exceeding their expectations of quality and delivering a project below cost and ahead of…

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MSRplans Corporation

MSRplans enhances the professionalism of your business plan and financing structure to increase investor demand, maximize valuation and secure capital expeditiously. Depending on the amount and type of work required, we provide our services on an hourly basis or for a fixed project fee. Before we…

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Advance Financial Corporation

Advance Financial offers short-term loans, check cashing services, wire transfer, bill payment and unlimited free money orders. The financial center, founded in 1996, is family owned and operated in Nashville, Tennessee. Advance Financial currently operates more than 50 locations throughout…

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cta|hansen Corporation

palmetto private capital, llc is a small loan consumer finance holding company and provides short-term installment loans, related credit insurance and ancillary products to individuals with limited access to traditional sources of consumer credit. Loans are denominated in standardized amounts…

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Georgia ATL One LLC D.B.A American Title Loans Corporation

Georgia ATL One LLC owns American Title Loans franchise. American Title Loans is a consumer finance lender offering small loans to consumers secured by car titles. We offer financial solutions to people in immediate need of cash or credit. Our mission is to deliver highly competitive, premium…

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Employer Solutions Group Corporation

Employer Solutions Group is a market leader in providing payroll and human resource management. ESG also delivers unique solutions to health care, retirement plans and workers’ compensation costs. ESG can take care of the legal, financial and administrative responsibility of having employees for…

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STASH Secure Data Corporation

Stash is a technology company that has developed a patent-pending breakthrough of stunning impact in the cybersecurity realm – the solution to eradicating data vulnerability – a modern day scourge of immense proportion. An estimated 50+ Billion devices will be connected to each other by 2020…

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