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Signature Group Holdings, Inc. Corporation

Signature Group Holdings, Inc. (OTCQX: SGGH) is a publicly traded, diversified business and financial services enterprise that is actively seeking acquisition opportunities of middle-market companies that generate at least $30 million EBITDA. Under its public company structure, Signature has…

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Semple & Associates Corporation

Semple & Associates, Inc. will treat customers and clients with respect and fairness. Every auction, large or small, will be regarded as our most important auction.The reputation and success of Semple & Associates, Inc. has been built on integrity, honesty, and providing outstanding service, with a…

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MSRplans Corporation

MSRplans enhances the professionalism of your business plan and financing structure to increase investor demand, maximize valuation and secure capital expeditiously. Depending on the amount and type of work required, we provide our services on an hourly basis or for a fixed project fee. Before we…

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Earth Ship Limited Corporation

Earth Ship Limited is a think-tank type of company that generates new ideas to bring to industry, e.g. first auxiliary wind propulsion system in the world to ever prove to be cost effective, 1985/86, first company to come into New York Harbor and operate tugs and barges non-union, 1988/95; first…

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Homply Corporation

Homply mission is to aggregate the office/residential demand via a «smart» notepad that allows the searcher a better management of his/her search. While understanding what the user is looking for, Homply provides targeted suggestion to its users via interfacing with online portals, existing…

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SatNav Technologies Corporation

A proven SaaS Software disrupting Global Facilities Management Industry ! Manage Property, Space, Assets, Maint, 1,200,000 users, 58 customers. Multifold returns potential. It’s 2018, and we’re still using spreadsheets to manage our facilities? Something’s gotta give. QuickFMS from SatNav…

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J L Sherman And Associates Corporation

Sherman and Associates, Inc. is the acknowledged leader in loan quotation software, including all credit insurance and debt protection methods in use across the country. We offer PC software, DLL's, calculation engines, Internet solutions, and consulting for consumer loans, commercial loans,…

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sComm Corporation

sComm is the engineer and manufacturer of the UbiDuo which is a communication device that enables deaf, hard of hearing, late-deafened, and hearing people to sit across from each other face-to-face anywhere in any situation and have a conversation without barriers. For example, if you sat across…

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Cachet Real Estate Finance Corporation

Cachet Real Estate Finance is a full-service brokerage lending firm servicing the great state of Texas. Founded on the principle of personalized service, Cachet Real Estate Finance brings over two decades of lending experience to the home-buyer’s fingertips. Cachet Real Estate Finance offers a…

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