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SNOREPRO Corporation

SNOREPRO is a premium product and service designed to stop you or someone that you know from snoring. Solving the problem of snoring is a task that many people have been striving to achieve for centuries. If there is a snorer in your household, the chances are that this impacts on many people. The…

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Divest Limited Corporation

Divest is a full life-cycle business sale and acquisition company helping clients to buy, grow and sell businesses and companies. Divest aim to alleviate the unnecessary angst that can be associated with a sale transaction by unfailing attention to detail, managing all parties and processes and…

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ShowGizmo Corporation

ShowGizmo develops apps that make events awesome. Before ShowGizmo, events and meetings were cluttered. Mountains of paper and out-of-date printed schedules left attendees in a cloud of confusion. Interaction with speakers and other attendees was stifled. Organizers had a very difficult time…

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Wellnomics, Ltd. Corporation

Wellnomics provides software solutions for office ergonomics. Our mission is to improve the health, wellbeing and productivity of computer users through software solutions. The Wellnomics software covers workstation assessment, office ergonomics training, stretch-breaks, monitoring of computer use…

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ArcActive, Ltd. Corporation

ArcActive was formed in 2007 to develop commercial opportunities of Assoc Prof John Abrahamson's invention: a continuous process for Arc-treating Carbon Fibre. John was the first person to find and characterise Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) in the 1970’s and in 2000, he decided to develop a production…

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