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Paley Madison Partners, LLC Independent Sponsor

Growth-oriented operators seeking growth-oriented companiesPaley Madison Partners acquires significant majority equity or total equity in its portfolio companies.After acquisition, we support our portfolio companies with a full suite of C-level management and advisory services. We accelerate…

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Needham Heights Holdings, LLC Independent Sponsor

Needham Heights Holdings, LLC (“NHH”) is an Independent Sponsor founded by Matthew Hogan. NHH is focused on acquiring lower middle-market companies in New England. NHH's sourcing criteria targets businesses with a stable cultures, defined growth prospects and within industries that Matt has…

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Stone Road Capital Independent Sponsor

Stone Road Capital Partners is a private investment firm that specializes in the acquisition of private middle-market businesses and partners with corporate leadership to build companies of extraordinary value. We specialize in the acquisition of and investment in private middle market businesses.…

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Amalgam Capital, LLC Independent Sponsor

Amalgam Capital, LLC is a private investment firm focused on small to medium sized acquisitions. We are a team of seasoned operators who plan to work closely with our portfolio companies to drive measurable value for all stakeholders.We acquire and sustainably grow underrated businesses as…

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Strategic Growth Investments Independent Sponsor

Strategic Growth Investments (“SGI”) is a private investment firm founded in 2012 to pursue compelling investment opportunities in middle market businesses. SGI has a flexible mandate to invest across the capital structure in control-oriented investments ranging from strategic financings to…

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SingTa Growth Partners Independent Sponsor

We are Independent Sponsors (alumni of The Wharton School operating from New York and London); having pre-committed investment capital via strong access to a number of Family Offices globally and significant (additional) Institutional investors; seeking to acquire Tech-enabled industrial…

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Lifespan Equity Partners Independent Sponsor

Lifespan Equity Partners invests in healthcare services and information technology businesses that improve population health and wellness, quality of life for those living with chronic diseases, and quality of care for our elderly. Lifespan also invests in the health and fitness of the American…

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Obsidian Point Partners Independent Sponsor

Obsidian Point Partners LLC is a New York City- based private investment firm focused on the lower middle market with a bias for North American-based, cash flow generative businesses.

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Falx Capital Independent Sponsor

Falx Capital is a private investment firm focused on healthcare and near-adjacent businesses in the lower middle market. We partner with existing management teams or bring in new management to build upon the legacy of a business and provide flexible capital solutions to its owners. By leveraging…

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Quadrivium Advisors Independent Sponsor

Quadrivium Advisors is a Toronto-based independent sponsor that partners with senior executives and serial entrepreneurs to acquire small to medium-sized businesses across Canada.Since our inception in 2009, we have successfully partnered with first-time and serial entrepreneurs, as well as private…

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