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Newlat Corporation

Newlat is a leading company in the field of dairy products, bread substitutes, and chilled and dry pasta.Newlat has an established position and reputation among thebest Italian food brands, rooted in the taste, freshness and wholesomeness that mark the culinary tradition in Italy.Newlat products…

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Innova ICT Corporation

Innova ICT is a business venture of a group of partners coming from Green Technologies, Telecomunication, Power and electronics, in collaboration with several HiTech partners.The combination of these skills is particularly interesting in order to develop new tech projects in Green Economy and…

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Atcetera Corporation

We work on 3D/animation and we develope software for broadcasting multimedia content. We have created Strimy, a versatile digital signage service that lets you broadcast your content on monitors and televisions all over the world, simply using a normal internet connection. You can use Strimy for…

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Network Advisory Corporation

We are a boutique consultancy and independent financial advisory firm specializing in providing a wide range of consulting services, including those of M&A, Corporate Finance (AIM Quote, Mini Bond, Private Equity), Tax Planning, Corporate Social Responsibility, control of management, auditing and…

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MyCheffy Corporation

MyCheffy is an online platform that allows customers to receive a quality home chef service. It aims to revolutionize the way customers live their meal experience.

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Moviri Corporation

Founded by academic researchers and consultants specialized on IT Performance Optimization, Moviri now helps some of the most IT-intensive organizations in the world to manage their infrastructure.Moviri major references include top companies in different market segments such as Telco, Banking,…

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ARTEXE Corporation

Artexe is a company design, produces and sells end-to-end digital services to improve hospitality and queue management in the Healthcare sector in Italy.Innovation is a key success factor for the company.

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Clarity International Corporation

Clarity International is a Digital Design Integrator helping most of the world’s large multinational corporations perform better through more effective Employee Engagement, Digital Learning and Sales Communication experiences. For many years our strategists, designers and technologists have been…

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Furla Corporation

Furla S.p.A. and its subsidiaries manufacture and market high-end “Premium Luxury” leather goods and accessories for both women and men. The extensive collections range from bags and wallets to keyrings, belts, scarves, jewelry, eyewear and shoes. The company was founded almost 90 years ago by…

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Horus Technology Corporation

Horus Technology is developing an innovative device for blind and visually impaired people. It is worn on the user's head like a pair of sports headphones and thanks to its sensors, including cameras, it is able to analyse the surrounding environment. It is able to read texts, recognize objects and…

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