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piALGO - Machine Learning Quants for the Financial Markets Corporation

piALGO is the world's first Self-Aware Quantitative Algorithmic Engine for the Financial IndustryBuilt upon statistical and mathematical formulas, we have developed an Intuitive Engine of Algorithms that is capable of managing the process from data analysis to alpha generation to execution for the…

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HIP Investor, Inc. Corporation

HIP Investor Ratings LLC (“HIP”) is an international leader in impact investment ratings within the $26 billion global financial data market. As of 10/31/2014, we rate 8,500 securities and funds on their future risk-return potential, including their quantifiable human, social and environmental…

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Art to Remember Corporation

Art to Remember is an art fundraising company that helps school art programs raise money for their classrooms. Low time commitment and step-by-step aid from our friendly customer service team makes this school fundraiser one that you and your parents will want to do year after year.

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Coachware, Inc. Corporation

Coachware is our industry leading performance support software solution that makes it easier for staff to do their jobs when working with business applications, completing business processes, or finding up-to-date information. Coachware is a basic resource that can enhance the productivity of all…

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Streetwise Reports Corporation

Streetwise Reports feature interviews with industry-sector experts–analysts, money managers andnewsletter writers–backed by the latest research summaries, news and company profiles.It's a combination of information and insight investors can't get anywhere else. Investors rely on Streetwise…

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LJB Wealth Partners Corporation

LJB Wealth Partners is committed to building a strong relationship with each of our clients by simplifying his or her financial life and maintaining the highest standards of service and integrity. We accomplish this by diligently striving to understand our clients’ unique financial situations,…

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Global Data Bank Corporation

GDB provides better security and flexibility than anything else commercially available (maybe even including government security), and yet it is economical and simple to deploy. So you can get out of the IT business and focus instead on your own business. All data is encrypted – at rest on your…

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FinLit® Corporation is a social media financial platform for young adults to engage finance professionals and each other to better manage financial choices. Our goal is to enable our users to develop concrete strategies to manage debt, save money and build wealth. We create and curate content including…

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Kaizen Investments Spain Corporation

www.Kaizen-Properties.comReal Estate Asset Management & Development www.Kaizen-Investments.comInfrastructure Asset Management & Development

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