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Kajaine Capital Private Equity Firm

Kajaine Capital was founded in Palm Beach, Florida in 2013 as a buyer of non-performing notes. Kajaine is committed to being a solution to our nation's housing crisis. We create solutions by acquiring major banks distressed assets in bulk and then immediately selling to private regionalized note…

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Trivest Partners Private Equity Firm

Trivest is proud to be known as a leading private equity source for founder and family-owned businesses since 1981. We’ve flipped the typical private equity infrastructure to place the interests of founders where they rightfully belong: at the forefront of our philosophy. Trivest is one of the…

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Virtù Equity Partners Private Equity Firm

Virtù Equity is a private equity group investing in Small Cap companies which demonstrate a disruptive potential when exposed to Innovation and to Effective Management. Our hands-on approach using creativity and flexibility enable us to be the best at what we do. The focus is on North American…

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Lincoln Road Global Management Private Equity Firm

Lincoln Road Global Management, LLC (“Lincoln Road”) is a private equity firm focused on investing in market leading businesses. Our goal with every investment is to work in close collaboration with management, stakeholders, and operating partners in order to help these businesses achieve…

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Minerva Investment Partners Private Equity Firm

Minerva Investment Partners is a Tampa-based, private investment firm focused on investing in growing, entrepreneur or founder-owned businesses in the lower-middle market. Our capital is typically used in transactions where business owners are looking for an ownership-transition, liquidity event…

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Emuseni Global Private Equity Firm

We develop partnerships across geographies, markets, individuals, companies, developed and underdeveloped countries. We promote partnerships through geographic involvement to make partnerships succeed.

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B.I.G. Capital LLC Private Equity Firm

B.I.G. Capital LLC is a private equity firm focused on acquiring companies in the software and energy sectors. We have a long-term investment strategy and seek to use our experience and expertise to promote positive and sustainable growth for our portfolio companies. We move quickly when a…

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McCombie Group Private Equity Firm

McCombie Group is a collection of influential families actively seeking to invest long-term capital into established family and founder-owned operating businesses, where we have experience and can build enduring value. More than just writing a check, we leverage our collective knowledge and…

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A111 Capital Private Equity Firm

A111 helps business owners transition their legacies to proven leadersA111 Capital is a private investment business focused on facilitating operator-led acquisitions of lower middle-market companies. While our model has similarities to private equity, there are several key differences. With our…

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