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Beechwoods Software, Inc. Corporation

Beechwoods Software, Inc., was founded in 2005 by high-tech entrepreneur and “rainmaker” Brad Kemp. In April of 2006, Brad identified an opportunity to provide software development services to DIRECTV by assisting them in the development of their satellite set top boxes. DIRECTV responded to…

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SD1 Incorporated Corporation

SD1 specializes in helping your Enterprise, Business, Home and Life Style succeed in the digital world by lowering your costs of energy by up to 90% per year*. The SD1 principals have worked with stakeholders in academia, industry, content provision and transmission, IT Cloud Enterprise Management…

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Brindley Technologies Corporation

We are young global dynamic Systems Integrators providing following services - IT Services, IT Consulting & Product Engineering company with offices in Mumbai, India, London, UK, Dubai, UAE, Mexico. We provide services to our clients and work in onsite, near shore, offshore and onsite-offshore…

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OneBigBroadcast.com Corporation

OBB can reduce your costs significantly by providing your existing website with a Bolt-on fully integrated Digital Marketing Platform. OBB can also provide Website design powered by our superior proprietary (NXTGEN) digital marketing platform technology. Obbs’ plugs in modules provide an integral…

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Rucoil Corporation

Higgs Energy, LLC, is a Connecticut-based company whose primary focus is developing an innovative IP technology of quantum of quantum levitation system.

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FanZone Corporation

fanzone.in is a data-driven, fan engagement solution, engineered to deliver a real-time, 360 degree view of a fan. fanzone.in an platform solution not only helps in building databases but also enable to source fan's data into a single, comprehensive record, linking campaigns, attributes and…

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Smart Design International Corporation

Smart Design International was founded in Miami Florida on April 19, 2000; Smart Design has been characterized by its unique style and design innovation. Smart Design International has been established in the residential market providing confidence and credibility to all customers. In the…

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LinguaSys Corporation

LinguaSys is home to patent-pending Carabao Linguistic Virtual Machine, a natural language processing (NLP) engine to build Siri-like man/machine interface applications, analyze social media content, search semantically and across languages, all in 20 languages and superb customization abilities.…

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University of Michigan Tech Transfer Office Corporation

U-M Tech Transfer is the University organization responsible for the transfer of University technology to the marketplace.Mission:To effectively transfer University technologies to the market so as to generate benefits for the University, the community and the general public.

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MJPSG Asia Pacific LLC Corporation

In today’s world, people tend to be exposed with different security threats which most of the time leading them, their assets, and businesses to various security risks which are unavoidable and a quick response time with constant security monitoring is the action that needs to take place. MJPSG…

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