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TNC Energy LLC Corporation

TNC Energy is a private Oil & Gas Exploration & Production company based in Oklahoma. The company was founded by Tommy Weder, Tommy Weder, Jr., and Mikel Scott, senior executives in the oilfield services industry. The management team at TNC has more than one hundred years of combined experience in…

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Tech-Flo Consulting Corporation

Tech-Flo was formed in October of 2006 as a worldwide supplier of hydraulic lift (jet pumps) and system associated equipment. Headquartered in Conroe, Texas, Tech-Flo has turned into a top provider of production pump packages as well as down hole completion and production equipment to follow our…

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Red Seal Measurement Corporation

Red Seal Measurement systems are specially designed to provide unsurpassed service in the most demanding measurement applications, from refined fuel custody transfer to exacting batching operations in the food and chemical industries. Whether the job calls for a positive displacement meter with a…

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M2M Data Corporation Corporation

We’re the leading provider of remote asset monitoring and management services to the oil and gas, water/wastewater, power generation, and heavy equipment industries.Whether it’s a compressor, EFM, generator, tank, dehydrator, plant, plunger head, or other piece of equipment, we offer a turnkey…

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Centurion Rig Services Corporation

We're an Oil and Gas Firm that provide quality Turn-Key Drilling projects that have great results with a proven track record. Our fields are located in Wagoner,County Oklahoma in the Coweta Oil Field east of Tulsa and Creek,County Oklahoma the Jennings Field northeast of oklahoma city.For further…

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HIC Financial Corporation

HIC Energy is the leading diverse energy supplier and supply chain manager in the United States. We buy, sell and facilitate energy transactions that meet the requirements of our customers. 

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Clarentis Technologies Corporation

Clarentis Technologies owns the patent rights and Intellectual Property to an innovative technology that manufactures non-toxic, EPA registered solutions that are hospital-grade disinfectant/antimicrobials. The two solutions produced through our proprietary Ultra-Lyte System; Ultra-Lyte & Zero-Lyte…

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Amalto Technologies Corporation

Note: Included financials are a rough estimate of performance. Amalto Technologies provides innovative software solutions enabling B2B integration and electronic document exchange services amongst the oil & gas, environmental services, industrial and enterprise markets. Amalto leverages its…

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Columbia Machine, Inc. Corporation

Complete Engineered Product Solutions & SupportColumbia is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacturing and support of equipment for a variety of industries, with customers in over 100 countries around the world. Primary business units include: Batching and Mixing Solutions, Concrete Products…

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Parker Drilling Corporation

About Parker Drilling Parker Drilling (NYSE:PKD) provides advanced drilling solutions to the energy industry. We are a technically innovative company providing worldwide drilling services, rental tools and project management, including rig design, construction and operations management. Parker's…

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