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Bandon Capital Advisors, LLC Consultant

Bandon Capital Advisors, LLC is a professional consulting firm focused on being a strategic advocate for privately held companies. We are working with companies across a range of industries to develop alternative solutions for raising capital and refinancing debt to support internal growth,…

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Superior Business Lending, LLC Consultant

Superior Business Lending is a full service small to medium-sized business lending provider. Superior works with businesses throughout the country that might not fit into the traditional bank guidelines.

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Patrick Haueter Consultant

My duty is to help you save your hard-earned equity while protecting and preserving your wealth!As an Intensely Unconventional, Fast-Acting, High-Ticket Bespoke Capital Lender/Investor-Partner, and Accounts Receivable/Invoice Factor with Trusted Domestic and International banks, insurance…

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SouthSpec, Inc. Consultant

Whether you sell products or services, SouthSpec, Inc. can help you move your business into our trusted hands by acquiring, operating and growing the great business you built over the years. We work with you and your management staff through coaching and consulting activities to help everyone focus…

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ClearThink Capital LLC Consultant

ClearThink Capital assists emerging growth and lower middle market companies in achieving their business objectives by rendering expert guidance and perspective and by providing access to strategic, commercial, capital, merger & acquisition and other partners and structuring and executing the…

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Glick Financial Solutions Consultant

Glick Financial Solutions is an advisory firm working with small and middle market businesses trying to grow, turnaround, acquire a company or asset or sell a company or asset. Since 1986, we have provided hands on operational advice to help our clients reach their operational goals. We also…

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Sinise & Associates, Inc Consultant

Greg Sinise has spent over 40 years working in very complex business and technical environments, improving organizational capability and increasing the overall value of the products and services delivered to their customer. Working from the boardroom to individual departments, his functional and…

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JEDHI, LLC Consultant

JEDHI is private investment firm focused on small to medium sized acquisitions in Texas. Our Founder plans to work closely with portfolio companies to drive measurable value for all stakeholders.

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NTIB Finance & Consulting Consultant

NTIB Finance & Consulting helps companies to raise debt capital, develop new workflows, find innovative solutions to acquire new equipment and expand inventory, and develop more profitable client relationships. While having great lender relationships is important, getting our clients prepared for…

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Dewey Vaughn & Associates Consultant

If your business issues are keeping you up at night, then we have a solution.As a consultancy group we provide experience which can solve your business issues. As consultants to your organization we will help you with strategic thinking, problem solving, supply chain navigation, complexity issues,…

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