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Focus Technology Solutions Inc. Corporation

Solutions that address today’s most demanding business challenges.OUR VISIONFocus Technology strives to be the leading information technology partner in the Northeast and provide customers a new way to consume technology by designing and implementing innovative information technology solutions…

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Argus IT Services Corporation

Argus is a Full-Life-Cycle IT Asset Management Company focused on Desktop, Mobile, and Data Center Equipment. We provide Procurement, Installation, Maintenance, Break-Fix, and End-of-Life Services. Argus has a strong history of exceptional service to World Class Corporate clients across the US. In…

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ETG Digital Corporation

ETG Global Services, Inc. is a US registered and ISO 9001:2015 certified company founded in 2000.We’re a global technology provider focused on designing, developing, and delivering enterprise technology solutions. We help our clients with innovative technologies that transform their customers’…

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CompuVision Systems Corporation

We'll source powerful solutions for your unique needs.Change your business and reach your technology potential through our suite of world-class managed IT, cloud service integration & management and full-stack IT services. A technology-driven methodology supported by a robust performance plan will…

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Revere Equity, LLC dba CANDY NATION Corporation

What is Candy Nation? Candy Nation is an eCommerce retailer and wholesaler of candy. We warehouse a vast selection of candy and ship wholesale and bulk within the United States and Canada. We stock everything from chocolates to gumballs, unwrapped and individually wrapped, nostalgic and retro candy…

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Upright Labs Corporation

Upright Labs is the go-to trusted advisor and offers the leading multichannel inventory management software within the secondhand retail market. Learn more at premier multichannel listing and inventory management software, Upright Lister, allows for product tracking at stores,…

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CloudGlobal France Corporation

A global It Company developing business in different continets and seeking capital to speed up sales Strategy, a internet service provider will local Presence in different continents.

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Noesis Technologies Ltd Corporation

Noesis technology, a unique breakthrough innovator in ThoughtControlled / Non-Tactile Computing Logic, is an interesting deal. Noesis invented logic processes mainly focus on non-tactile computing and most importantly, thought-controlled computing. The submitted provisional patent in October ‘13…

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Bleon Corporation

Bleon is a software development company focused on the IoT. We have position ourselves well and quickly after only 5 months releasing our first product Ankr to the Apple App store. The interest with Ankr is to launch the first fully brandable beacon/sensor opening up our SDK and cloud to larger…

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Saturn Five Corporation

At Saturn Five, we believe business is an adventure—and we love helping ideas, companies, and people get to bold new places. We do that through founding breakthrough startup ventures, finding opportunity for innovation and value-creation where some might just see an intractable…

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