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Anuva Manufacturing Services, Inc. Corporation

Anuva is a “Design to Distribution” family of businesses that started in 2008 with the launch of Anuva Services in Morrisville, NC. Anuva Services, a Carolinas Minority Supplier Development Council-certified minority business (certificate # CA15708), began by providing world-class after-market…

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Edison Global Corporation

Edison Global Circuits (EGC) is a leading-edge pioneer in electrical safety and diagnostic systems. We provide proprietary solutions for safety, diagnostics, fire prevention, smart meters, green adaptations and true home and business gateways. While our strength is in our advanced technology, it's…

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Venture Research, Inc. Corporation

Venture Research Inc. is a leader in the industry of track and trace technologies with specialization in RFID and supply chain. With over 600 installations in 28 countries Venture Research is an expert in solutions that require real time visibility of critical assets in industries such as health…

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PHAT Energy Corporation

PHAT Energy designs solar installations which either generate grid-tied energy, or generate energy for an application specific product, like a pump. We are particularly interested in high efficiency solutions, and in designing environments that make solar an integral part of an environment.PHAT…

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Tech3 Corporation

Tech3 originated from the merging of three IT companies, each specializing in a different field. Devicelogix was an innovative leader in data center based solutions, PSP Solutions mastered the art of managed services and Marketstone Group excelled in infrastructure design. The fusion of these three…

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ACI Health Corporation

ACI Health is THE Value-Driven Healthcare Information Technology Provider. We invest in extensive research and analysis of a customer’s environment to ensure the right solution set. We satisfy our clients by exceeding their expectations of quality and delivering a project below cost and ahead of…

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Battery Research, Inc. Corporation

Battery Research was the first Independent Energy Service and Battery Service company in the US, founded in 1982. The company was founded on core value of Independence- To provide unbiased and independent consultation to customers based on their specific energy and battery needs. Battery Research…

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MSRplans Corporation

MSRplans enhances the professionalism of your business plan and financing structure to increase investor demand, maximize valuation and secure capital expeditiously. Depending on the amount and type of work required, we provide our services on an hourly basis or for a fixed project fee. Before we…

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corePHP LLC Corporation

OVERVIEW: 'corePHP' is known for providing quality products and services throughout the Joomla!, WordPress and Drupal industry. These platforms are the leading open source Content Management System (CMS) available on the market. Utilizing Joomla!, WordPress or Drupal. 'corePHP' develops and designs…

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Atomic Precision Corporation

Atomic Precision is a measurement system company utilizing Quantum Physics technology (Much more accurate than Nano) at its core.Our first product consist of Chip Scale Atomic Clock System in a size of a sugar cube and battery operable and Magnetometers (Nano-Tesla sensitivity).

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