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Windsor Fashions Inc Corporation

Through its stores and ecommerce platform, Windsor produces and sells dresses, prom dresses, tops, jackets, bottoms, shoes and other assorted accessories. With 94 stores nationally, Windsor is positioned for significant growth.

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USP Retail Corporation

Operator with investor backing seeking acquisition or controlling interest in specialty retail concept. Concept should be proven by successful unit profits in a minimum of 3 locations in at least one US city. Willing to explore owner/operator continuation plan subject to purchase terms and…

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Matt Bernson Corporation

Handcrafted materials, quality, and a refined aesthetic mark the Matt Bernson approach to lifestyle and design. Attention to detail is visible in his transformation of raw materials into unique, comfortable, and wearable designs thanks to the influence of art, culture, and global style. Matt…

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WinningAdvantage, Inc. Corporation

WinningAdvantage provides business coaching and consulting services to small and mid-sized businesses. We work with business owners and managers to develop their companies' through all stages of the normal business life cycle; start-up, growth, maturity and decline. We provide coaching, consulting…

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Team IP Corporation

Team IP was founded in the spring of 1992 by Randy Sparks, the President and CEO. What began in a storefront office in the small town of Rio, Florida has now flourished to a multi-million dollar company operating across the country with its corporate office, warehousing, and its Southeast…

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Lalo Tactical Corporation

Founded in 2008, LALO Tactical is a San Diego based tactical and athletic brand that produces a line of footwear for use in sport, training, aquatic activity and a wide array of military and police functions. Relying on years of ongoing field-testing and evaluation with the U.S. Navy SEALs and…

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National Running Center Corporation

National Running Center is a running retailer with a free-standing store which sells at over 180 nationally recognized running events annually (e.g. Boston Marathon, Peachtree Road Race, etc.). National Running Center is also the exclusive USA national licensee for Frank Shorter Running Gear. NRC…

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BaxterBoo Corporation

The only company capable of capitalizing on the entire spectrum of independently owned pet businesses. We’re an Inc 500 Top 50 Online Retailer (B2C), rapidly growing in Manufacturing & Distribution (B2B) and expanding into White Label Ecommerce & Fulfillment (B2B2C) for the Pet Industry.

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Venture Research, Inc. Corporation

Venture Research Inc. is a leader in the industry of track and trace technologies with specialization in RFID and supply chain. With over 600 installations in 28 countries Venture Research is an expert in solutions that require real time visibility of critical assets in industries such as health…

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AVEYOU Corporation

Welcome To AVEYOU - Your Unique Beauty Boutique! We Hope You Enjoy Your Shopping Experience. We at AVEYOU understand that you want the best products for your unique needs, so we have put together the finest and most exclusive beauty and personal care lines at one boutique for you to fully…

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